Best cPanel Web Hosting Companies in 2024

cPanel Web Hosting Companies

For the last 30 years, cPanel has been recognized for being incredibly simple to use. If you are a Newbie or already familiar with cPanal control panels then looking for the best cPanel Web Hosting company is the smart decision for your website. Because you can control your website more easily with a faster loading speed.

John Nick Koston created cPanel in 1997 as a simple tool to manage web hosting things. He and his team work hard to make it better, secure, and faster. They combined all the features you need for your website are included in cPanel. They include features like one-click installations, domain maintenance, SSL, PHP version, databases, file managers, and emails.

You can see the next price hike in cPanel from 1 January 2024. This is the 5th price hike by the cPanel company in the last 5 years. From January 2024, we can see 9% to 10% price hike in cPanel. These price hikes happen after the acquisition of the company by Oakley Capital.

But because we aren’t the ones to back down from a challenge, we have reviewed, verified, and tested services to identify the best cPanel web hosting companies that are still available. Let’s start now.

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1. Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the low-cost web hosting service providers with a cPanel control panel. Here, you do not need to install any cPanel platform from outside. They will ensure higher loading speed, better performance, and top-notch security at a reasonable price. Bluehost, one of the top WordPress-focused cPanel hosting services, is excellent for both professional budget seekers and beginners.

  • A fully functional cPanel and the native Bluehost UI for the best possible result. Daily activities are managed by its native interface and cPanel is always available to enhance with more sophisticated functionality.
  • Because Bluehost is focused on WordPress, you can set up WordPress automatically for your website within few clicks. WordPress staging is another option that you have.
  • No matter which hosting service you choose including shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated Bluehost hosting services always comes with cPanel hosting.
  • Bluehost’s WordPress-focused cPanel hosting properly deserves its place on the list by prioritizing good user experience and focusing on simplicity.

2. HostGator


You should go to HostGator if you want a hassle-free cPanel web hosting solution for beginners. There are many processes implemented by the provider to make hosting management very simple and fast. Additionally, its affordable cost option makes it a better choice.

The following information applies to HostGator’s cPanel hosting:

  • HostGator provides a native UI in addition to the cPanel. The primary shortcuts for cPanel modules like email, app installation, and domain control are available on this native dashboard.
  • The popular control panel features are still available in the traditional cPanel interface. Databases, a file manager, domains, and other things are included.
  • Short wait times and quick customer service. The customer support representatives we spoke to were eager to assist and resolve my issues.
  • HostGator’s cPanel hosting goal is to make hosting management as simple, practical, and accessible. HostGator puts everything in place to cater to new users and those seeking simplicity of use.

3. A2 Hosting

4. A2 Hosting

Particularly for those who subscribe to its Turbo plans, A2 Hosting is a speed-focused service that provides a wealth of performance-enhancing tools. The service also offers a traditional cPanel hosting experience with security.

There are many things to say about A2 Hosting. But these are the essential points:

  • Particularly if you’re on one of its Turbo plans, A2 Hosting is quite helpful with its speed-focused features. There are a few features like optimization, HTTP/3, LiteSpeed web servers, and others are included. In addition, depending on your package, you can select one of its four server locations.
  • Highly secured features include Patchman, two-factor authentication, Perpetual Security with free HackScan, distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention, and dual firewalls. Regular backups are also a feature of turbo plans.
  • A2 Hosting offers a safe and speed-focused conventional cPanel hosting environment.

4. HostPapa

5. HostPapa

HostPapa is a highly dependable hosting service with many servers, a standard cPanel, and a vast amount of freebies to offer, such as a free domain with every plan. It is a fantastic option for small business owners because of this.

Let’s look at some of HostPapa’s outstanding qualities:

  • CPanel-only standard management. The only difference between HostPapa’s version and the default version is that it has its logo. If not, you still get the same design with all the tools and functionality you need to manage your website.
  • Its free 30-minute video training session is great if you’re new to something or are interested. Here, the team at HostPapa will assist you in setting up your website and addressing any urgent inquiries.
  • HostPapa’s plans include a lot of free extras including a free domain, SSL certificate, and email addresses, as well as adequate server resources.
  • In a nutshell, HostPapa has proven that you can still get high-quality cPanel hosting.

5. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is the largest web hosting service provider that works hard to make cPanel hosting super easy for busy small business owners. We’re making it even simpler and more practical, so you can manage your website hassle-free.

Its setup and management procedures are not only amazingly user-friendly for beginners, but they also guide users to set up their accounts. GoDaddy also makes sure that its performance is reliable.

What to expect from GoDaddy is as follows:

  • After logging in, you’ll need to configure the basic interface so you can add your domain, choose a server location, and install WordPress right away.
  • To find the ideal domain for your website, GoDaddy offers a domain search engine and a domain name generator.
  • GoDaddy offers thousands of hosting and company administration information in its blog and knowledge base. Everything is covered including productivity tips, marketing your business, and restoring a website using a cPanel backup file.
  • Overall, GoDaddy understands its audience and makes a conscious effort to attract them by prioritizing user-friendliness and providing ample support.

How to choose cPanel web hosting?

When looking for cPanel web hosting, there are several factors to consider. Pricing, performance, scalability, and other factors are among them cPanel Web Hosting.

Free cPanel License

To utilize cPanel, you must first select a provider that provides a free cPanel license. Several providers charge extra for cPanel, but there’s no need to use them if you can get it elsewhere for free.


There are various considerations in terms of pricing. To begin with, you shouldn’t use a provider that lacks features and resources in its plans.

You want a company that offers budget-friendly plans with all the features required for cPanel hosting.

For example, Hostinger is the least expensive choice with the most features but it comes with hPanel. But if we talk about shared hosting for Bluehost with cPanel start at just $2.95/mo. Additionally, the plans come with many extras, including a CDN, an SSL certificate, and a domain for a year.

Type of cPanel hosting management

Next, decide if you want a cPanel-only or integrated platform.

More knowledgeable users would often prefer a cPanel-only platform. Since cPanel has all the functions, there is no need for a native interface or dashboard.

The mix of a native interface with cPanel is typically preferred by beginners and those who desire hassle-free maintenance. The former is sufficient for routine daily maintenance, whereas cPanel is only required when more complex capabilities are required. For such an experience, check out Bluehost and HostGator.

Hosting essentials

This package covers all necessary hosting features including domains, SSL certificates, email addresses, and other things. If not, you’ll have to put these must-haves into an already tight budget. However, if you choose Bluehost or HostGator, you won’t need to worry about this.


cPanel Web Hosting Uptime and average response time are two essential performance measures to remember.

To ensure that your website is constantly up and accessible for your visitors, you want your uptime to be as nearly 100 percent as feasible.

For a better user experience, you want to maintain your average response time below 600ms, which is the industry norm. For instance, Hostinger got a decent 511ms, while Bluehost’s average response time was a fantastic 361ms.


To handle the development of your website see if the provider gives choices to scale, such as cloud, VPS, or dedicated servers. Whatever you want you can scale up. It would help if you looked at A2 Hosting because it gives the most options and includes a traditional cPanel with its plans.


Choosing a cPanel web hosting is a good decision but it’s important to prioritize performance, security, and other features. cPanel will offer you a straightforward user interface for managing web hosting features from a single platform.

Anyone, including non-technical users and beginners, can easily manage their hosting environment with the best cPanel web hosting. The best cPanel hosting plans provide simplicity, outstanding performance, and value.

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Which web hosting uses cPanel?

cPanel is a widely used web hosting management platform. You can find cPanel in many providers’ plans because it is widespread in shared hosting plans. It covers GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, A2 Hosting, and HostPapa.

Is cPanel hosting good?

Yes, because cPanel is one of the most well-known and often-used control panels. It has a tonne of tools and capabilities, some of which are sophisticated, to provide users with good control over the website.

Is cPanel the same as hosting?

No, hosting is not the same as cPanel. You control your website’s hosting using a control panel called cPanel. Hosting services, meanwhile, provide the servers, resources, and capabilities required to publish your website.

What is Linux hosting with cPanel?

In essence, Linux hosting with cPanel is cPanel shared hosting. The bulk of shared hosting is performed on Linux-based servers and controlled through the cPanel interface