Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services for 2022

There are instances when you want more resources than a standard hosting service or Virtual Private Server (VPS) can offer. Large, busy websites frequently need their own space, which is typically rather expensive. Web Hosting Services If you’re going to spend so much money, you should pick the top dedicated server hosting companies Dedicated Web Hosting Services.

In this post, we’ll explore the features you should look for in this service. Then, we’ll present you to seven top companies that offer the best dedicated web hosting and information on the hardware, services, and costs. Let’s begin now!

Features of Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Make sure it is the best decision before choosing the best dedicated server hosting option. It can be an expensive path to take, so you must be sure you’ll get what you need.

When selecting the best-dedicated server hosting, there are three essential factors: high-quality customer service, specialized features and, simplicity of use, as well as security and dependability.

Quality Customer Service

If you are new to dedicated servers, you might not understand how to configure, operate, and administer a server. Here, high-quality assistance is essential. To get your site back up and running as fast as possible, it is crucial that you receive committed, competent, and skilled service when you need it.

Customized Features and Ease of Use

Dedicated Servers typically come with software and specialized capabilities intended to make this procedure easier to operate because they are usually sold to businesses with significant traffic and resource requirements. Check to see whether all the tools you’ll need to maintain the security of your server are availableDedicated Web Hosting Services.

Security and Dependability

You can be confident that your data is secure thanks to dedicated hosting services, which come with real-time monitoring and security backups.

Best Dedicated Server Provider

1. Bluehost


Since they also offer other CMSs, Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress providers in the hosting sector. They provide managed WordPress hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting.

Bluehost only provides one kind of service for dedicated hosting. Although the host doesn’t offer as much flexibility as other unmanaged hosts, it is primarily unmanaged. Each of the three plans you can access is provided “as is,” so you cannot modify the specifications to meet your needs or the server’s operating system.

You do, however, have root access. You have the option of controlling Apache yourself. Furthermore, you may add more storage anytime without contacting tech support, even if you can’t prevent the essential storage your site requires throughout the checkout process.

Security and upkeep for servers are handled by Bluehost. Customers of dedicated hosting receive fast support as well. You’re even eligible for a few extra features included in Bluehost’s other hosting plans, including a Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate.

The server specifications that Bluehost provides are pretty conservative. No matter the plan you select, only four CPU cores are accessible, and you’re not notified whether your website’s storage device is an SSD or a regular HDDDedicated Web Hosting service.

Key features

  • Hosting with root access that is semi-managed.
  • Operating system CentOS.
  • The control panel is a customized version of cPanel.
  • four CPU cores
  • 16 to 4GB of RAM.
  • 1TB to 500GB of storage.
  • 15TB or more of bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP address.


Three tiers of dedicated plans are available from Bluehost, with the lowest-priced option starting at $79.99 per month with a three-year commitment.

blue host plans

2. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web, a multi-service host, supports WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal technologies. It provides dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, enterprise hosting, and so on.

It provides traditional dedicated hosting and a cloud hosting solution supported by traditional dedicated infrastructure as its two main dedicated hosting offerings. The latter enables you to combine a cloud server’s flexibility with a dedicated server’s processing capability.

Despite having different characteristics, these two dedicated hosting providers have a comparable range of features and levels of customization. Starting with security, a Cloudflare integration gives you DDoS protection for optimal uptime performance and CDN services. It results in faster page loads and more DDoS defense.

You may also select the control panel software you want to use, such as Interworx, Plesk, or cPanel, giving you access to various content management systems and hosting tools.

Additionally, having root-level access ensures that you keep total control over your server and all of its complex configuration options.

In terms of hardware, you can choose between a single Intel CPU and two CPUs with a combined core count of up to 32. (28 with cloud hosting). Up to 20GB of bandwidth and 128GB of RAM are available.

You receive numerous 240GB or 480GB SSDs for primary and backup storage. High-tier plans additionally include a server with a 1TB SATA storage.

Key features

  • Available in fully controlled, core managed, and unmanaged forms.
  • Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux are all available.
  • Applications for control panels are offered from cPanel, Interworx, and Plesk.
  • Servers in Arizona (US West), Michigan (US Central), and Amsterdam (EU).
  • 4-32 CPU cores with a 3.9 GHz maximum frequency.
    16 to 128 GB of RAM.
  • Two 240GB SSDs, four 480GB SSDs, and more (SSD capacity different for cloud hosting).
  • 5–20 TB bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP address.


Traditional hosting packages start at $199 per month. The monthly requirement for dedicated cloud hosting is $169. Remember that when you customize your plan, the price will probably rise. For instance, control panels add $20 per month to the price.

Liquid Web plans

3. DreamHost


DreamHost is a shared host with many services that provides a wide range of hosting services for numerous platforms. Although its dedicated servers are fully managed, they still give the developers some flexibility.

You are provided root access to have the most power over the server configuration even if you cannot select the operating system. From the unique control panel created by DreamHost, you may easily reboot or power cycle your entire server anytime necessary. You can utilise Perl, Python, or Ruby in addition to the most recent PHP versions. Additionally, Ruby Version Manager is present.

The host offers server monitoring and assistance 24/7. They also provide DDoS protection, safety precautions, and server maintenance.

The only currently configurable specifications are the CPU cores, maximum RAM, and storage drive type. The amount of storage you get is unavoidable. The amount is automatically adjusted based on the number of CPU cores you select.

Key features

  • Fully managed with root access.
  • Operating system Ubuntu.
  • Personal control panel.
  • US-based servers.
  • 12, or four, CPU cores.
  • 4 x 64GB of RAM.
  • HDD storage of up to 2TB. SSD storage of up to 240GB.
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP address.


Starting at $149 per month, DreamHost has just two managed dedicated hosting packages, a limited option.

DreamHost plnas

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4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting  Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Another multi-service provider is A2 Hosting, which specializes in WordPress websites but also supports Joomla and Drupal. In addition to dedicated hosting, there is shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting offers unmanaged, core, and best managed dedicated servers. Each has almost the same specifications. However, they vary in the features they offer Web Hosting Services.

For professional developers who wish to install scripts and unique apps that aren’t supported by the control panels available in the core and managed hosting environments, unmanaged is the best solution.

However, this service does support cPanel. You’ll have root access and control over the Linux distribution that runs on your server.

You’ll still have root access with core management, but you’ll only get a limited number of managed server configurations and technical assistance from A2 Hosting. You cannot select the operating system you use, and cPanel is provided without charge. Additionally, managed server maintenance and security are provided.

Root access is removed in managed dedicated hosting. However, you’ll have user-level management. A2 Hosting additionally completely maintains your server settings, and you get full access to the host’s support staff.

The hardware at A2 Hosting is customizable. Up to 20TB of bandwidth, 512GB of RAM, SSD and SATA storage, and up to 12 CPU cores are all at your service.

Key features

  • Services might be unmanaged, somewhat managed, or completely managed.
  • Available include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, and Gentoo.
  • On managed servers, cPanel is installed; on unmanaged servers, it is an expensive add-on.
  • Locations of servers all across the world.
  • 12 to 2 CPU cores.
  • 512GB to 8GB of RAM.
  • 8TB to 256GB of storage. SSDs may be as large as 1TB. SATA drives can hold a maximum of 4TB. Two drives are standard in all layouts, and a third drive is available.
  • Bandwidth 10 and 20 TB.
  • Dedicated IP address.


Unmanaged dedicated servers are available for $105.99 per month with a one-year agreement. A2 Hosting does, however, provide month-to-month payment choices with a reasonably priced premium. On the other side, managed servers begin at $155.99 per month.

A2 hosting plnas Dedicated Web Hosting Services

5. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Another multi-service provider, InMotion Hosting, provides hosting services for several platforms, including WordPress. Dedicated hosting is one of these services, and it comes in two varieties: fully managed and unmanaged.

The unmanaged dedicated hosting solution is perfect for developers who require or want complete control over their servers. And have complete root access and may select the operating system you want to run. You may even install your operating system on servers thanks to remote Kernel Virtual Machine switches.

You have total control over the configuration and upkeep of your server, aside from a simplified control panel and a multi-layer defensive mechanism that shields you from DDoS attacks and other unwanted traffic.

Can combine the durability of dedicated hosting with the hassle-free server management you’re used to due to InMotion Hosting’s fully managed solution. There is no root access available. Instead, cPanel is installed on the server, so you can choose how it is configured.

InMotion Hosting manages software upgrades and security fixes. Even automated backups will be taken care of. Additionally, managed hosting services are available as an add-on to bare-bones server configurations.

Intel CPUs with as many as 24 cores power the servers. Both 8TB of SSD storage and up to 384 GB of RAM are options.

Key features

  • There are both unmanaged and fully managed servers.
  • Available are Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. You may set up your operating system as well.
  • Installed on managed servers is cPanel.
  • US-based servers.
  • 4–24 CPU cores operating at up to 3.5GHz.
  • 16 to 384 GB of RAM.
  • Primary SSD storage with additional storage options is up to 8TB.
  • 25TB or more of bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP address.


Dedicated server options from InMotion Hosting start at $139.99 per month with a one-year agreement. However, monthly choices are also available.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

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6. HostGator

HostGator  Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Although they provide a wide range of various hosting services for multiple platforms, HostGator is best known for its shared hosting plans for WordPress. Dedicated hosting is one of them, and it provides semi-managed and fully-managed versions of it.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services HostGator’s semi-managed dedicated service is largely hands-off except for network and hardware maintenance. There is no control panel programme installed. Additionally, it would help if you managed some backups and security fixes on your own.

It allows you or your developer to do whatever you want with your server, even if it requires more work and maintenance. Even Windows and three Linux-based operating systems are available for your selection.

The only options available with the fully-managed service are CentOS and Windows. Extensive security layers are added through continuous server monitoring, security updates, and off-site backups.

Control panels are available for this kind of dedicated hosting, but the one you get depends on your selected OS. Windows uses Plesk, whereas CentOS uses cPanel Dedicated Web Hosting Services.

If you desire more control over the setting of your server, all dedicated servers include full root access. A server-level IP-based firewall and DDoS protection are also provided.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services The servers from HostGator employ SSDs, conventional HDDs, and Intel CPUs. Each plan’s specifications are supplied “as is,” thus, for most plans, you can’t pick how much RAM or storage your server has. However, if you choose the mid-tier package, you may select between a 512GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive.

Key features

  • Unmanaged dedicated servers and semi-managed.
  • Operating systems including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows are available.
  • The Plesk (Windows) and cPanel (CentOS) management panels.
  • US-based servers.
  • 8 to 16 CPU cores.
  • 8 to 30GB RAM.
  • HDD storage of up to 2TB. SSD storage of up to 1TB.
  • A limitless bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP address.


With HostGator’s dedicated server hosting plans, you can get started for as little as $89.98 per month.

HostGator plans Dedicated Web Hosting Services

7. SiteGround

SiteGround  Dedicated Web Hosting Services

In dedicated server hosting comparisons and reviews, SiteGround regularly receives the highest ratings. Web Hosting Services It provides top-notch web hosting packages for e-commerce or blog hosting. And guess what? They perform all of this work at comparatively inexpensive costs. Remember, though, that dedicated servers are rarely what we would consider “affordable.”

You still have root access even if they are all completely controlled. Compared to its other plans, you may pay for this kind of service for one, three, or six months with rates essentially remaining the same dedicated Web Hosting Services.

You have the choice of a managed WordPress service with SiteGround. As a result, you will get access to staging features, auto-updates, WP-CLI support, and integrated Git. Each plan also comes with five dedicated IP addresses, a variety of control panel choices, and free Cloudflare integration.

Key features

  • CPU: 4-core CPU clocked at 3.20 GHz (Intel Xeon E3-1230)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 480 GB (SSD) Storage
  • 5 Dedicated IP addresses


SiteGround offers levels for dedicated hosting starting at $269 per month.

SiteGround plans Dedicated Web Hosting Services


Dedicated servers are expensive, but you probably already knew that. However, Bluehost and A2 Hosting would be the obvious choices if you’re searching for the host that provides the most value for your money DedicatednWeb Hosting Services.

Dedicated servers can be pricey, as we previously stated. There is no escaping that reality. You may as well choose one of the best-dedicated web hosting companies you can discover if you’re going to be spending so much money!

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What is dedicated hosting?

With dedicated hosting, the customer owns the entire server and is not required to share its resources or control with any other users.

Do I need a dedicated server provider?

High-traffic websites and medium-sized to big businesses that manage a lot of data should use dedicated servers. Although expensive, they provide unmatched performance and control, making them a wise purchase if you have the budget.

What operating systems can I run on a Dedicated Server?

On Dedicated Servers, most hosts provide a selection of Linux distributions. You may run a Windows server if you need to use specific Windows-only applications.

What software applications can I run on a Dedicated Server?

You have complete control over what you run on the server because it is your dedicated server. The terms and conditions of the agreement you sign with the host providers, though, restrict this.

Do I have to monitor my server myself?

Yes. Your host could monitor it for you if you pick a managed or semi-managed dedicated hosting service. It is recommended to utilize monitoring tools to keep track of your server’s status if management is not part of your plan.