9 Best Ecommerce Website Builders for Online Stores 2024

9 Best Ecommerce Website Builders

eCommerce stands for electronic, online exchange of products and services. Online company creation has become increasingly necessary in recent Ecommerce Website Builders years.

Many people believe that creating a website is complicated and needs advanced technological skills. They are unaware, however, that several website builders have recently entered the market, providing simple-to-use tools that let you create a website your way Ecommerce Website, Builders.

To help you select the best eCommerce Website Builders for your online business, this article compares the major features of the top builders.

1. Web.com

web.com  Ecommerce Website Builders

One of the best platforms for building an e-commerce website is Web.com. You have access to a wide variety of design layouts, unique themes, and stock pictures that you can combine to create an engaging online store that appeals to your target audience.

Web.com assists you in serving domestic and international clients by providing multilingual service and supporting a variety of payment alternatives.

We also enjoy how social media connections may be included in the e-commerce Website Builders to improve the user experience. You also access tools that make managing your inventory and monitoring orders easy.


  • Real-time shipping prices for an improved checkout experience.
  • tracking of website activity in real-time
  • Integration of Google Analytics with Inventory Control
  • the Order History page
web.com   Ecommerce Website Builders

They also have money back guarantee for limited time.

2. Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce Ecommerce Website Builders

The best eCommerce website builder is Wix eCommerce. They provide 500+ website design templates and allow you to add sophisticated features to your websites, such as an online store, the ability to take online bookings, the ability to alter the mobile version, and much more.

The template layout and degree of creative customization offered by Wix are excellent. You may position text boxes, photos, and other elements on your website by simply dragging them there. This straightforward drag-and-drop editing method gives you complete creative control over the store’s appearance.


  • A free custom domain is included with each plan for an entire year.
  • Receive 3 GB to 35 GB of storage.
  • It gives you video hours that are 30 minutes long with the cheapest plan and 5 hours long with the most expensive plan.
  • An application that provides visitor analytics.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Free website creation.
wix ecommerce plan

Wix also offers 14 days money-back guarantee on all of its plans.

3. Shopify

Shopify  Ecommerce Website Builders

Because it’s straightforward to create a unique eCommerce site that sets out from the competitors and has a wide range of capabilities, Shopify has grown to become one of the most popular eCommerce systems, presently powering more than 1.2 million online stores.

It has a comprehensive built-in CMS where you can quickly create a database of any merchandise you want to sell. The CMS provides links to facilitate data entry and cross-references on your site. You add groups of related goods that link across your website.

One of its significant advantages is that Shopify can integrate with more than 3,500 add-on applications to expand its basic functionality. Small companies don’t have to pay for things they will never use thanks to them, even if they may increase your overall cost.


  • Create an online store with countless items.
  • SSL certification is free.
  • Let’s sell internationally in over 133 different currencies.
  • 20 Different languages.

Price: There is a free trial for 14 days. Price plans are as checked above.

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4. Squarespace


For the first step in developing your store, Squarespace provides well-designed templates. You may match your brand’s colors, text, and pictures once you’ve selected a template. However, you cannot make online sales unless you subscribe to a premium plan.

The high level of Squarespace’s design templates is one of its benefits. They are all user-friendly designs you can rapidly set up using drag and drop. Your website pages may be personalized and customized while maintaining a unified design. A Products page is present in each eCommerce template.


  • To design your store, use a drag-and-drop builder with configurable templates and basic layouts.
  • Image scaling and automatically responsive web designs
  • specialized WYSIWYG editing to support many content kinds and complex layouts
  • the capacity to sell an infinite number of goods
  • Automatic email sequences following purchases
  • Extensions in finance, marketing, shipping, and sales
Squarespace plans

Price: 14-day free trial. The Basic Commerce plan starts at $26/month.

5. WooCommerce


WordPress is the most widely used content management system. However, eCommerce functionalities are not part of the standard WordPress installation. You’ll need to include a free, open-source plugin like WooCommerce if you want to build a WordPress eCommerce website.

However, more sophisticated extensions cost money. Additionally, like with most WordPress websites, you will generally need to make a separate payment for the hosting of your website.

It would help if you started by building your WordPress website because WooCommerce is a plugin. You can discover a tonne of WordPress templates online, both free and premium. But make sure WooCommerce is compatible with your theme. Just like any other WordPress website, you can create pages and content.


  • Mobile-friendly stores to make your items seem beautiful on any device that supports HTML5 was explicitly developed for WordPress and are connected to its environment.
  • Total control over consumer and corporate data; no third-party software is allowed.
  • 350+ contributors worldwide.
  • 100% open source for total control over the design and functionality of your website.

Pricing: The most of woocommerce features are offered for free.

6. Square Online

Square Online

The payment processor Square is the source of Square Online. Although both website builders were purchased by the same company and share many similarities, they continue to operate as different products.

It’s simple to utilize Square Online. You may use a standard plan to create an online store, then customize it with the fonts and colors used by your business. This simplicity comes at a cost because it limits customization compared to some of the other CMSs. There isn’t an extensive selection of templates available.

However, Square Online’s design is appropriate for an eCommerce site. The layout and appearance of your store are not as important as your items are.


  • Create an online store, invoice clients, and accept payments.
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Tools for managing the workforce include payrolls, benefits, and others.
  • Synchronizes your cash flow, company accounts, and payments.
Square Online plans

Price: Square Online has four plans, ranging from $0 to $72 per month (billed annually).

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy  Ecommerce Website Builders

GoDaddy is a website builder that you might be familiar with but can also be used to launch an online store. Building an e-commerce site with GoDaddy is quick and straightforward, thanks to its beginner-friendly layout that uses artificial design intelligence. You must provide information to create a personalized website quickly.

The drawback is that you don’t have a lot of artistic freedom. GoDaddy provides built-in capabilities for SEO and email marketing campaigns, but its features aren’t very robust. Even though you may launch quickly, a GoDaddy website can only support the sale of up to 1,500 goods. Therefore, GoDaddy wouldn’t be the finest eCommerce site builder for you if scalability is what you’re searching for.


  • More than 100 mobile-friendly designs for e-commerce websites
  • integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • across all platforms and markets, automatic control of sales and inventory
  • many methods of payment, including Google Pay and Venmo
  • the connection between retail and online enterprises through integration with Square Point of Sale

Price: The eCommerce plan starts at $24.99/month.

8. Zyro

Zyro  Ecommerce Website Builders

For those who lack the patience to develop from scratch, Zyro is a superb website builder. It allows you to quickly and easily create a small website. Numerous eCommerce options are available, including a drag-and-drop builder with 24 well-created themes. You may start an online store in less than an hour.

Zyro provides simple connections with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook advertisements to better understand your consumers and your marketing and advertising activities. Zyro doesn’t offer a free plan; you must pay ahead to create your business.


  • designer-made templates that you may modify for your company requirements, including a drag-and-drop editor and grid tool for adding, editing, and removing web elements.
  • Simple CRM for managing emails, sales, and promotional coupons
  • Advanced reporting and easy campaign launch using marketing and SEO technologies like Kliken, MoneyData, and Google Analytics
  • Inventory, monitoring, and customer service are all combined into one dashboard.

9. Volusion

Volusion  Ecommerce Website Builders

Volusion is one of the more established eCommerce website builders, but to stay current, it just changed to a new operating system, V2. However, data is the main focus rather than site design. Volusion website creation is less user-friendly than many other solutions discussed here. However, it does have more than 30 premium and 11 free themes.

Although you can’t use Volusion’s eCommerce-specific capabilities to sell digital goods like eBooks, courses, digital art, or music, they are typically quite good. However, you may include product videos, an unusual feature among other website builders.


  • Drag-and-drop content blocks for reviews, photographs, texts and other types of material to alter page layouts.
  • None of Volusion’s plans have any transaction fees.
  • Mobile consumers should use responsive themes.
  • CSS editor to customize certain website parts to your company’s requirements
  • Options for recurring pricing for subscription services
volusion plan


We discussed the top eCommerce website builders in this post. Most of them provide simple tools that let you create your website independently using ready-made templates. Read the comparison and information to choose which is ideal for you.


Which is the best eCommerce platform?

Wix is the best overall eCommerce platform on the market; it’s easy to use, offers excellent sales tools, and provides comprehensive customer support.

Which is the cheapest eCommerce website builder?

The eCommerce-specific pricing options offered by Weebly start at just $5 per month, making them perfect for small enterprises managing their spending. Weebly also allows free selling, although it is more restricted.

Can I build an eCommerce website on my own?

Yes, many website builders provide simple tools to create your eCommerce website the way you want.

Is Squarespace better than Wix?

Squarespace is just as modern but isn’t quite as user-friendly. The free plan and the vast array of different applications are two of Wix’s key features.

What is Shopify best for?

One of the top eCommerce platforms available right now is Shopify, especially if you own a bigger company.