Best WooCommerce Themes in 2022

Are you starting a WordPress online store using WooCommerce? Which Best WooCommerce themes should you choose?

Due to the many eCommerce platforms, there are many options for creating an online store.

 Additionally, there are several WooCommerce theme options available. While some are premium, others are free. Which one should you choose then?

 Everything is covered here. To assist you in choosing the best WooCommerce theme for your store, we’ve also included a list of some of the top ones.

What are the 2022’s Best WooCommerce Themes

You’ll succeed more with your e-commerce company if you use a theme with the below qualities. In 2022, we have compiled a list of the 9 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes by paying close attention to these features.

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1. Astra – Best WooCommerce Themes

 Astra - Best WooCommerce Themes

Astra is a very popular free WordPress theme that can be used to create websites in almost any niche. This theme has you all from a personal blog or business website to complete online stores and marketplaces.

 This is a very responsive, lightweight, and fastest WooCommerce theme. It is designed for performance and has conversion optimization. And this is an extremely search engine-friendly theme because it already has code included.

 You may use Astra to customize your site without writing a single line of code. You can pick different colors on your homepage, landing pages, product pages, and other places.

This responsive theme’s features may all be modified to meet your needs. Create and modify your pages using your preferred page builders, such as Beaver Builder, Brizy, Elementor, or Gutenberg.

 Along with all the excellent features with Astra, their Starter Templates also provide you access to some beautiful website demos. You may quickly launch your online store by importing any of our WooCommerce-ready themes.

2. Divi – Best Selling WooCommerce Themes

Divi - Best Selling WooCommerce Themes

Popular WordPress theme Divi features WooCommerce-specific integrations and is completely WooCommerce integrated. A powerful visual builder makes it relatively simple to create stunning website designs.

 You have total control over the look and feel of your store pages, thanks to custom WooCommerce modules. You can choose what should be displayed on your product pages using the drag-and-drop functionality and rearrange the elements as needed.

Divi comes with the option to customize what displays at various breakpoints and is fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes.

Most updates may be made using the drag-and-drop builder without any code. You may, however, use custom CSS to rebuild the modules, and you can also store your customized layouts and modules.

Divi’s finest feature is that you can work directly on the front-end, saving you time. There are more than 800 pre-made website templates included with Divi that you may utilize straight now.

You can view how a page or post appears on different mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). You may also apply site-wide modifications and settings to increase stability across your articles or pages.

 An SEO tab is included in the theme settings to assist with setting up specific SEO for the index page, particular pages, and the home page. Additionally, you may put up custom fields, titles, descriptions, and keywords.

3. Storefront – Best WooCommerce Templates

Storefront - Best WooCommerce Templates

The WooCommerce team created and maintained the free theme called WooCommerce Storefront. In terms of WooCommerce integrations and WooCommerce extensions, you can be assured that you are covered.

WooCommerce Storefront is a simple, clean style you can use the Customizer to develop further and personalize your business. The theme is simple. However, it has a responsive design for better SEO functionality.

The theme offers an easy-to-use, clear, and intuitive eCommerce-focused design that lets you display featured/highly rated items, product categories, and more from your homepage.

The user may change most design elements, including backgrounds, header styles, link colors, typography, buttons, etc.

Built-in to the theme is Automattic’s well-liked underscores starting theme. It has minimum CSS and is light. Its code is constantly reviewed, updated, and maintained to minimize delays or conflicts with other plugins that WooCommerce supports.

 The website will be accessible to most of the audience or visitors since the Storefront theme complies with WordPress’ accessibility rules.

4. OceanWP – fastest woocommerce theme

OceanWP - Fastest Woocommerce Theme

A well-liked free WordPress theme with many uses, OceanWP, may be used to create any website. Use the lightweight OceanWP theme to create stunning and expert-looking blogs, corporate websites, or even online shops.

 Elementor and Gutenberg are both compatible with every responsive website template. Because of this, you may use any page builder you choose. You may quickly launch your website by choosing a pre-built website demo template using the one-click import option.

This WooCommerce compatible theme also aids in boosting conversion by enabling the multi-step or distraction-free checkout procedure. 

OceanWP features its own set of templates. Utilizing a shortcode, you may build new templates using the visual editor in WordPress. It is helpful to update articles and pages with the same content constantly.

For instance, if you made a template for a promotion, you could easily use the shortcode to add the offer to new posts and pages. It may be helpful since it allows commonly used content to be updated in one area while simultaneously updating hundreds of pages.

5. Neve – Top Selling WooCommerce Themes

Neve - Top Selling WooCommerce Themes

It is a contemporary, feature-rich, free WordPress theme. Additionally, it fully integrates with WooCommerce and has several lovely WordPress themes designed just for it.

 Neve is lightweight, quick to load, and simple to use, and it works with most drag-and-drop page builders. Many designs required little to no adjustment and could be loaded and utilized straight away. That makes Neve attractive enough to explore.

 The Neve theme doesn’t fall short in terms of customization capabilities. You may select from various blog layouts, change the colors and fonts, upload your logo, add background photos, and more.

 You can see the changes when you customize the Neve theme since all customization options are displayed in the Customizer.

6. Shoptimizer – WooCommerce Themes for Your Online Store

 Shoptimizer - Themes

A WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus is called Shoptimizer. It does a great job of balancing eCommerce’s speed and flexibility requirements.

Whether or not it is the best eCommerce theme, it does perform well. The design is attractive with a wonderful flow, nice page balance, and lots of opportunities to highlight items. It advertises itself as such.

Shoptimizer uses Elementor’s drag and drops page builder. We give it a good rating for its adaptability, simplicity, and capacity to enable anybody to build a website without touching code or having a thorough understanding of how websites function.

 The theme already has a fantastic design, which you can quickly modify with Elementor. It is simple to add or delete page parts, modify fonts or colors, include calls to action, or do anything else.

 All devices and screen sizes can use Shoptimizer without any issues. We tested the sample on many screens and it worked perfectly on each one.

The checkout page included with this theme is distraction-free, which improves conversion rates. The checkout page also has a progress indicator that indicates how many steps are still needed to finish the transaction.

The theme lets you show trust badges from various security companies to boost customer trust. Displaying trust badges at points where customers enter their credit card information reduces the likelihood that they may cancel the transaction.

7. Shoppe – Premium WooCommerce Themes

Shoppe - Themes

Themify’s Shoppe is a flexible WooCommerce theme. It’s a simple, adaptable theme with several well-designed templates prepared for online stores. The Themify Builder can install and configure each, and it is the best WooCommerce Theme for your online store.

The shop gives you access to more than 60 layouts and 20 landing pages, and you may modify any of them to fit your store’s needs.

Like Elementor or Divi Builder, Themify Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder. It’s a respectable drag-and-drop page builder that makes page creation easier and guarantees that WordPress users of all skill levels can create high-performing online businesses.

 The shop has been tested to function across all screen widths and is fully responsive. Additionally, it has adaptive features that automatically simplify or minimize depending on the situation to fit different screen sizes.

The shop’s code has been optimized for search engine optimization. It involves adhering to WordPress best practices, adopting SEO best practices, and being WPML compliant for translated pages.

8. Divisupreme – Simple WooCommerce Theme

Divisupreme - Theme

Divisupreme Page Builder is a premium WordPress theme included with Divi Theme. Divi Builder is the most sophisticated drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress websites. It still lacks a few essential factors that would make it much simpler to build a stunning website that stands out from the competition without writing a single word of code. Divi Supreme Pro steps in to fill in the gap at that point.

Divi Supreme Modules are just as simple to use as standard Divi Modules. When using the Divi Builder to create a page or a post, you will see that extra new modules have been added to your existing Divi modules. These new modules are colored purple; you can add any of them by clicking on the selected module and customizing the settings.

Divi Templates, Scheduled Content Visibility, Divi Shortcodes, Divi Popup, Divi Library Widget, and Divi Readmore Content are just a few of the six paid extensions that Divi Supreme Pro offers.

9. Phlox – Best eCommerce WordPress Theme

Phlox - Best eCommerce WordPress Theme

Both a free and premium version of the powerful modern WordPress theme Phlox are offered. The theme has been around since 2013 and has subsequently seen several updates and improvements. It’s a fantastic theme for creating any website, whether for a small business, an e-commerce site, a website for photographers or tourists, a website for a portfolio, or anything else you can imagine.

We used computers, laptops, tablets, and phones to explore some of the themes through free and paid demos. The theme is well set out and responsive across all devices, in our opinion. The demos fit in properly, and the screen had no overflowing text or photos. All devices could read the text size, and photos had good image resizing and alignment.

The theme uses the famous Elementor page builder, one of the best and easiest drag-and-drop page builders. It enables you to design beautiful pages without knowing any code.

The theme also includes more than 30 unique Elementor features. These might offer the flavor your design might need.

Additionally, you may modify the theme settings and instantly see the results. Phlox includes a multitude of customization possibilities, in contrast to many other WordPress themes, giving you the benefit of easily customizing any aspect of your website.


There you have it, then. A list of free and paid best WooCommerce themes, instructions for setting up your store, and advice on expanding it once it’s up and running.

 As a result, you must go through this WooCommerce theme library to get the ideal theme for your company. Now that you are fully informed about WooCommerce themes.

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What is the best theme for WooCommerce?

There are several best themes available that integrate well with WooCommerce. Some of them are free, while others cost money, as seen in this post. So choose the theme that suits your business needs.

Does WooCommerce work with any theme?

Yes, WooCommerce, by default, works with all WordPress themes. All you need to do to get started after installing a theme is set up the WooCommerce plugin.

Is Storefront A Good Theme?

Those who want to launch a small company or an online store using the WooCommerce plugin should choose the Storefront WooCommerce theme.

Can I Use WordPress WooCommerce Themes On Different Sites?

It depends on the theme’s developer; if they only offer licenses for usage on a single website, you’ll need to buy additional licenses to use the theme on other websites. Some themes are created without limitations, allowing you to use them on various websites

Are WooCommerce themes free?

 Some WooCommerce themes are free, but the paid options are always better. The cost of your theme should be the least of your concerns if you’re preparing to open an online store.