Best WordPress Page Builders for Your Website

Best WordPress Page Builders for Your Website

A PHP-based Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) using a MariaDB or MySQL database was the precursor of WordPress. Although it started as a system for publishing blogs, it has now expanded to include various forms of web content, including forums, conventional mailing lists, and online stores, Best WordPress Page Builders to mention a few.

This article discusses the many WordPress website builders you may use to improve the speed of your storefront significantly. Best WordPress Page Builders for Additionally, it provides a brief overview of the significance of using a drag-and-drop best WordPress page builder for smooth company operations.

What is a WordPress Page Builder?

In essence, WordPress Page builders are plugins that let you drag and drop objects into your website’s backend. Various components, including icons, photos, headers, buttons for different social media accounts, text blocks, call-to-action-buttons, grids, videos, and much more, can be utilized this way.

With these plugins, you may create an exciting website with unique features like sliders, hover effects, animation effects, box shadows, and many more. A few of these Page Builders may have millions of installations ready to be deployed on many websites.

Why Should You Use a WordPress Page Builder?

Many beginners frequently encounter a few difficulties when trying to personalize their WordPress Page Layout for their brand-new blogs. Although most Premium WordPress Themes provide a wide variety of page layouts to pick from, most of them are difficult for someone without technical knowledge to change.

For those that move to WordPress, this sparks a lot of interest in pull-and-place builders. Luckily, many solutions are available for those searching the market for excellent drag-and-drop builder plugins for WordPress.Best WordPress Page Builders for.

You may use these plugins to make fully unique website designs without writing a single line of code. Here are a few helpful considerations you should bear in mind when choosing a website builder to filter the best add-ons for your particular use case:

These are the top 3 reasons for using page builders:

  • Without paying a developer, you may design a unique landing page for your website.
  • To create unique opt-in pages
  • Spend less time designing your website.

While these explanations can help you know a wp page builder’s function, there may be many more reasons.

List of Top 12 WordPress Page Builders

1. SeedProd Builders

SeedProd  Best WordPress Page Builders for

Shepard is a professional drag-and-drop WordPress landing page builder plugin. SeedProd is rated as one of the top website builders regarding ease of use and speed. Choose from a selection of more than 100 elegant pre-made themes, or utilize their user-friendly drag-and-drop WordPress Page Builder to start from scratch and design your layout.

With SeedProd’s smart design methodology, you may reuse components to help reduce time-consuming, repetitive effort. You may discuss custom font combinations, save page prototypes, color schemes, and other elements.

It includes all the components and features in a typical website builder, including buttons, timers, and contact forms. By utilizing SeedProd’s Custom Domain Mapping tool, you can also create micro-sites within WordPress. This premium WordPress site builder is available for a single site license for $39.50.

2. Beaver Builder

 Beaver Builder plugin Best WordPress Page Builders for

Another well-known WordPress website builder with a Live Pull-and-Allocate process is Beaver Builder. By dragging pieces from the sidebar and adding them to the page using Beaver Builder, you can see all the changes as you make them.

You must click on an element if you wish to modify its attributes. After learning the fundamentals of Beaver Builder, you may browse its elements, which enable you to add nearly anything. It contains a backdrop, sliders, buttons, carousels, etc.

Beaver Builder is user-friendly for beginners and works with the most recent WordPress version. Along with the upgraded Gutenberg Editor, it has also been updated. The annual starting price for Beaver Builder’s pricing plan is $99.

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3. Divi Builder

Divi plugin Best WordPress Page Builders for

Divi is a straightforward drag-and-drop WordPress Page Builder plugin with over 20 templates/layouts for different types of websites. The Divi provides 46 building blocks, which may move around to create your chosen layout. They may be arranged into 20 different Row Types and three different Section Types, and you can customize any element by using its sophisticated design options.

Divi enables you to create any form of customized page layout in minutes. Then, you may store these changed Divi layouts for later. Even moving a layout from one installation to another is possible. In addition, and offers a variety of affordable price choices as you may use the Divi theme, Divi Page Builder plugin, and other Elegant Themes products all at once.

4. Elementor Builder

 Elementor plugin Best WordPress Page Builders for

You may drag and drop widgets from your section’s left panel with Elementor, another excellent addition to live WordPress Page Builder Plugins. The most often used website elements are among the large array of widgets that Elementor provides its customers—from simple text and picture widgets to sophisticated icons, sliders, accordions, tabs, etc.

In Elementor, each widget has its own set of options that may customize. Best WordPress Page Builders for You may even use Elementor to deploy widgets created by other WordPress plugins. The starting price for a single site license of Elementor is $49.

5. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

One of the most well-known theme stores in the industry, Themify Builder offers an integrated Themify Builder along with all of its other themes. You may use the Themify Page Builder plugin with different WordPress themes. You may add a variety of pre-built modules to your posts or pages with our user-friendly and straightforward page builder. The majority of these modules, however, need you to install unique WordPress plugins.

Themify Builder offers 40+ custom layouts for various businesses, including online stores, gyms, restaurants, music, and portfolios. With only one click in Themify Builder, you can import a layout, update its content, and create a beautiful landing page in minutes.

Additionally, Themify Builder allows you to edit your pages from the admin panel or the live website. The Builder Addon Bundle for Themify Builder costs just $39, while the core plugin is only available for free.

6. Visual Composer Website Builder

To create a website, Visual Composer Website Builder also provides its customers with a practical frontend editing experience. Among the few website builders, Visual Composer allows you to customize any element of your landing page, including the menus, headers, footers, and sidebars.

Carousel, parallax, slideshow, gradient, video, zoom in/out, and other simple choices are now available in Visual Composer for adding stunning backdrops. Flexible columns and rows are also included in Visual Composer to let you build grid layouts for your website.

Switching between themes is simple and won’t affect the customized layouts you’ve made using Visual Composer. In addition, Visual Composer offers strong support for the Yoast SEO plugin, the Gutenberg editor, and Google Fonts. For a one-site license, the pricing structure begins at only $59 per year.

7. WPBakery Builder

WPBakery plugin

Since many WordPress themes are created around the plugin, WPBakery produces one of the most well-liked page builder solutions available. WPBakery is proficient at building pages with sophisticated layouts. With an exclusive template collection, grid builder, and mobile-ready responsive design, this plugin works with any WordPress theme you select and enables quick and simple page development.

The adaptability and variety of add-ons are a major selling point for the WPBakery builder and the several capabilities it comes with out of the box: WPBakery creates hundreds of simple tools into your current website and offers practically limitless functionality possibilities.

8. Oxygen Page Builder

Oxygen Page Builder plugin

Another fantastic plugin that enables you to create websites without any coding or technical knowledge is an oxygen page builder. The plugin includes many innovative features you can utilize to build functional websites. As opposed to other page builders, Oxygen is a one-time purchase that costs as little as $129 for the Basic edition and $229 for the Ultimate Oxygen builder version.

Oxygen is an excellent alternative if you’re a creative person or a small business looking to build a beautiful website but lack all the technical understanding. For individuals who don’t want to pay a monthly cost for page builders, it’s also beneficial.

9. SiteOrigin Builder

SiteOrigin plugin - WordPress Page Builders

Creating robust and responsive websites is simple by using a page builder like SiteOrigin. It is a straightforward page plugin that, like the others on the list, gives you an easy drag-and-drop experience so you can avoid the need for coding.

Although you may start for nothing, the premium packages provide you more control over your work for $29 for a single site license. For $49 and $99, however, you can choose the Business or Developer bundle.

SiteOrigin is a fantastic page builder for creating WooCommerce stores as well. It is a little plugin with all the elements required to make a straightforward website or landing page.

10. Avada Builder

Avada theme builder plugin

Building websites is really simple with Avada’s intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. Avada is compatible with numerous well-known plugins, like WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, WPML, ACF Pro, Convert Plus, and others, in addition to being SEO- and mobile-friendly.

Avada has thousands of pre-built websites that you can completely personalize using several settings and style components. Additionally, you don’t need any coding experience to create an unlimited number of customizable layouts for every page of your website. 

11. WP Page Builder by Themeum

WP Page Builder by Themeum plugin

Themeum, well-known for its premium themes and plugins, now provides a free page builder for more site customizing choices. With pre-made templates, adjustable rows, and columns, and a library to keep any layouts you make, WP Page Builder gives users complete flexibility over their page layouts.

Themeum’s layouts are responsive and even allow site managers to hide specific features depending on the device, such as a particularly obtrusive menu on a mobile device.

The free edition of WP Page Builder pays excellent attention to layout design and is more fully equipped with add-ons than most free site builders. Install only what is necessary and remove extras.

12. Thrive Builder

Thrive Architect

The architect is a page builder created by Thrive Themes with a business website focus. Users may “click-to-edit” any element on the website, making the design incredibly user-friendly. Speed is a top priority for Thrive Architect; even individuals without experience in web design can quickly generate aesthetically attractive websites.

A countdown timer is one of the builder’s standout modules. Your company may set up a special offer or launch, then make a timer to build a sense of urgency around your offerings and encourage people to make purchases.


This article discusses the many features of WordPress site builders to assist you in choosing one that is customized to your unique requirements. The significance of using a drag-and-drop best WordPress page builder is also discussed.

Make sure that it satisfies all of your needs, regardless of your chosen option. If done later, switching page builders and redesigning pages might be difficult. To help you discover the best page builder for your purposes, we hope this post can simplify decision-making.

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Which page builder is the best?

SeedProd, Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify Builder, and Elementor are the best WordPress page builders in 2022.

Why is Elementor the best page builder?

The free version already comes with plenty of templates and features.

Is the Divi builder paid?

You can only access the Divi theme by purchasing the paid version or using our secret free-trial method to get all Divi products without paying.

What is the fastest Page Builder for WordPress?

·   Elementor.
·   SeedProd.
·   WP Page Builder.