FastComet Web Hosting Review 2024

fastcomet web hosting reveiw

FastComet Web Hosting Review: FastComet is a full-service domain and web hosting company that wants to expand aggressively in the hosting market by giving the best service. This web hosting company stands out by providing the best support, service, values, and security.

We can check their reviews on a different platform to know what people think about after using their service. They got rating out of 5 on different platforms like Host Advice 4.8 stars (1,526 reviews), Trustpilot 4.8 stars (2,604 reviews), Google 4.8 stars (250 reviews), and 4.5 stars on g2. Their client satisfaction rate is also too high.

Users of FastComet get unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates, a free domain name, free migration, and an unlimited number of email accounts. They also offer a free website builder to make your website faster, responsive, and amazing. There are several pre-made website templates and themes from which to pick.

So, today we are discussing the FastComet web hosting review. This review will provide a detailed understanding of whether FAstComet is the best hosting provider in 2024 or not.

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What is FastComet Web Hosting?

The main objective of FastComet is to offer a great web hosting experience to owners and the users who land on the website. This website offers all types of web hosting services including shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, e-commerce, Magento, etc. There are many benefits provided by FastComet.

fastcomet web hosting provider

If we talk more about the company, it started way back in 2013. But now it hosts more than 750,000 websites and operates 11 data centers worldwide,

So, Let’s find out what it offers

FastComet Web Hosting Types

FastComet offers a variety of options to fulfill your hosting requirements. The plan you select will rely on your company’s particular needs and demands. This FastComet web hosting review section tells you about different types of FastComet hosting.

FastComet WordPress Hosting

fastcomet wordpress hosting service

With a FastComet-managed WordPress hosting plan, you receive both the hosting service and the WordPress control panel. They will provide a complete WordPress control panel to customize and manage website plugins, content, and databases.

FastCloud Basic

FastComet’s basic plan for WordPress is ideal for a small business, blog, or personal website. If you subscribe for one, two, or three years, the monthly fee is $1.79 per month.

FastCloud Plus

The FastComet’s FastCloud Plus plan for WordPress is better suited to users who want to expand on an existing online presence. The monthly fee starts from $2.69/mo.

FastCloud Extra

This hosting option offers a more advanced feature, pricing, and better performance on the budget. You can avail of all the advanced benefits for your WordPress website at just $3.74/mo.

fastcomet managed wordpress hosting plans

All plan Include

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • One year of free domain registration.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • One-Click Installation
  • WordPress themes and plugins pre-installed.
  • 24/7 specialized WordPress support.
  • Free CDN+Integration
  • Off-site daily backups

The most interesting thing is they offer 45-day of money-back guarantee with all of their web hosting plans.

Cloud VPS Hosting

fastcomet Managed Cloud VPS Platform

Regardless of your experience level, the FastComet hosting plan offers you more advanced resources to launch your website quickly and within your pricing range. You can experience secure and easy-to-use VPS cloud hosting.

FastComet Cloud Hosting Plans

They are offering 4 different plans for cloud web hosting services. Server resources and features depend on the type of plan you choose. Buy the tools you need to launch your website online. Perfect for a small business, e-commerce stores, and large enterprises.

fastcomet Managed Cloud VPS Platform pricing

The starting price for cloud hosting is $46.16/month and the maximum goes up to $107.76/mo.

The service comes with all the features that you get in shared hosting but is more advanced and you also get other features also. You can enjoy faster performance, speed, security, better control, and quality features in your budget.

Dedicated AMD EPYC CPU Server Hosting

This FastComet web hosting review section will tell you about their dedicated CPU server plans. There are four different plans available as per business needs. Here, you will receive all the benefits of the VPS hosting plan and many more.

fastcomet dedicated server hosting price

The company offers AMD EPYC Cores with its server resources to run your website online. They ensure higher performance, better resources, advanced control, and strong security with its features.

FastComet Web Hosting Features Included

There are many features of FastComet web hosting available that set it apart from other hosting companies.

Fastcomet web hosting features included

Here is a list

FastComet control panel

FastComet is used to provide cPanel as a control panel option. You will discover that the user interface of cPanel is quite simple, straightforward, and easy to use even for total beginners.

cPanel will offer a complete feature to manage and customize your web hosting. You can manage the database settings, website features, and complete support. So you can quickly discover the features you want and maintain your website effectively without repeatedly going through multiple dropdown menus.

FastComet Website Builder

Create a professional-looking website within a few seconds with their website builder. However, you can quickly create a website with the FastComet Website Builder if you don’t already have one.

fastcomet webstie builder

You will get a free drag-and-drop site builder with FastComet cloud plus a web hosting plan. The site builder offers drag and drop feature, 40+ pre-made templates, one-click publish, customizable templates, and many more features. Features consist of:

  •   A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  •   The best themes to get you started.
  •   Modular design for simplicity of usage.
  •   Support with HD video.
  •   Analytics.
  •   E-commerce functionality.
  •   Full checkout processing.

There are no free versions available of website builder, you have to buy their hosting plan.

Unlimited email accounts

FastComet hosting service will allow you to create an unlimited number of personalized email addresses. So, any individual can as many email addresses as they need with the website’s domain name. For teams and small enterprises, this is helpful.

fastcomet email features

These emails are the type of email that contains your website name like [email protected]. All of FastComet’s servers are situated in more than 11 countries across the globe.

You can utilize as much storage and data as necessary for your email account. There are many email features including webmail, SMTP, autoresponder, email authentication, mobile compatibility, virus scanner, etc.

One-click WordPress installation

The web hosting platform comes with WordPress tools that you can install in a few clicks. The WordPress installation process is quite straightforward with FastComet.

They also ensure the installation of the newest version of the WordPress application to manage your website. Alternatively, The WordPress installation option has come with their all shared hosting plans. If you want another option then they will provide also.

NVMe SSD Storage

The web hosting plan will offer you a storage option but on the SSD drive. Depending on your SSD requirement, you can select which hosting option for your website. The NVMe SSD storage will offer a 7x faster loading speed on your queries

Search Domains Name

fastcomet domain name search

Another cool benefit of FastComet is you can find out your dream Domain Name and register it. No matter which hosting plan you choose including shared, cloud, and dedicated you can avail a free domain name. This domain name you can find out on their platform.

Also, if you already have an existing domain name you can get help to transform your email to their platform.

An automated email forwarding from your domain to another address, secure domain lock, WHOis protection, and automatic domain name renewal are all included with a FastComet domain name to prevent somebody from taking it from you if it expires.

Free SSL Certificate

You can enjoy free SSL certificate installation on all your hosted websites with FastComet. This is completely free and based on our experience, implementing HTTPS is essential for all types of websites.

SSL is helpful for encrypting information between users and websites. SSL is also another ranking factor to get rank on Google.

Data Centers Availability

Their hosting servers are available in more than 11 different locations worldwide. These data centers ensure maximum performance and unmetered bandwidth for your website.

fastcomet datacenter availability

With FastComet, you do not have to worry about website loading speed at another country.

How are FastComet’s Uptime and Performance?

Speed and uptime are two significant criteria for a web hosting company to stand out from competitors. The amount of time your website remains available online in a year is known as uptime. No web hosting provider can achieve 100% uptime due to the requirement for ongoing maintenance. But it is possible to achieve almost 99.999% uptime.

The Website Loading Speed is “how much your website takes time to load the whole page”. Website speed is also another factor for higher SEO ranking and improved user experience.

FastComet uptime

With FastComet, you can typically experience a monthly uptime of 99.99%. They are 100% committed to this uptime.

fastcomet server uptime commitment

The best thing I noticed here is that they are regularly monitoring all servers. They also give you alerts through email if any server maintenance, site downtime, or server issues happen.

It is a good indicator that there is negligible downtime for your website. Their server team is experienced and very good at solving any problem that a server may face.

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FastComet Server Speed

FastComet is offering NVMe SSD storage, AMD EPYC CPU, and LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with web hosting plans. As per the test, we can see the website speed is near about 800ms to 4 seconds (max). Once you open the web page the site speed is even faster.

FastComet typically has an average server response time of near about 200 milliseconds. This response time is relatively comparable with Bluehost and Hostinger.

Right now, they are using the Apache server. They also offer Litespeed servers with few of their hosting plans. But one thing I can say is that they are improving their server speed regularly.

How Does FastComet Maintain Your Website’s Security?

Security is a thing that no one can deny while selecting their web hosting plan. There are lots of security features offered by FastComet web hosting. Some of the security features that FastComet provides are listed below.

fastcomet offer webstie security
  • Multiple Redundancies

For higher website security, we have the option of multiple backups. If the main system fails, a second identical system takes over. Also, your data is mirrored in extra sets of units in case the primary drive fails.

  • SiteLock Security

SiteLock is an extra layer shield for your website. This helps to scan your malware to protect visitors from viruses and assure visitors are legitimate. Display a security flag, signaling ongoing site reviews, and enjoy faster performance with a pooled structure.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

Add an extra layer of protection with 2FA, supporting apps like Google Authenticator, LastPass, and Authy. It goes beyond just passwords to enhance your security.

  • Account Isolation:

Your FastComet account is entirely separate from others in a dedicated virtual space with CloudLinux. This isolation ensures the privacy and security of your account.

  • Full Daily Backups:

Enjoy the peace of mind with full daily backups. We keep up to 30 copies for free and restoring is easy with our point-and-click restore manager. No extra charges for something others may charge you for!

  • DDoS Protection

They are partnered with the leading managed CDN and DNS service provider CloudFlare to provide higher website security. This ensures the fastest content delivery, integrated load balancing, filtering, and integrity checks.

How is FastComet Help and Support?

This FastComet web hosting review section will describe their help and support in detail. You may connect with FastComet’s server experts directly if you ever have a question regarding the company or a problem with your hosting service. The hosting platform provides:

fastcomet customer support
  • An instant messaging service.
  • Raise Ticket
  • A database of articles and tutorials.
  • Other services.

You may raise a ticket at any moment to talk about your concern with the service or general questions. The FastComet helpline is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are live chat help is also available 24/7 as an alternative to raising a ticket. Any queries about hosting, domains, websites, and other topics may be instantly resolved. Open the chat box, type your question, and a staff member will respond to you in 15 minutes.

You’ll be happy to hear that FastComet also includes a comprehensive knowledge base with a wide variety of information, including written instructions and tutorials on all related topics, such as hosting, security, and features.

What Are the Pros and Cons of FastComet?

These pros and cons summarize all the things that tell about Fastcomet service in a few seconds.

FastComet ProsFastComet Cons
1. Host multiple websites on a single account.
2. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases.
3. Free domain name (1 year) & free migration.
4. Website builder included.
5. 99.9% uptime guarantee.
6. 30-day money-back guarantee.
1. Following the initial term, the renewal cost is more expensive.
2. Following the first year, domain prices are higher than usual.
3. Unable to scale web hosting
FastComet pros and cons


FastComet is a fantastic choice whether you’re starting online with a personal website, blog, or small company. It is incredibly cost-effective and provides a full range of features perfect for new websites.

Their shared hosting Plan is a terrific package to start your online presence. This will provide your new website or company with a foundation, including an accessible name for a year and unlimited storage. You can even develop a website and host it with only one service because it includes a free website builder. We hope you like our FastComet web hosting review.

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What is FastComet’s essential hosting plan?

You receive all you want for hosting, and website needs with Fastcomet’s pro hosting Plan, including dependable hosting, a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and a website builder. It’s a fantastic choice for both private websites and small enterprises.

Does FastComet offer an email account with my web hosting plan?

Yes, the FastComet hosting package comes with unlimited free email accounts that you may set up under your unique domain. We also provide advanced email services like webmail, SMTP server, email authentication, etc.

What features are included with the FastComet hosting plan?

Every FastComet hosting account comes with everything you need to operate online. Along with free email, 24-hour help, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, a free SSL certificate, a free website builder, free ad credits, and more, this also offers quick, dependable, and economical hosting.

Which control panel does FastComet provide?

You can enjoy the exclusive benefit with cPanel control panel a customized version of cPanel. This control panel is incredibly adaptable, simple to use, and similar to cPanel in many ways.

Does FastComet have a refund policy?

In the first month after joining up, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund through Fastcomet’s 45-day risk-free trial period. You can only receive a refund for the amount of months you didn’t use if you cancel after the trial period.