iPage Web Hosting Review 2022

iPage Web Hosting Review 2022 - Details, Pricing & Features

A full-service domain and web hosting company, iPage targets smaller companies looking to enter the e-commerce market. Top online companies like Bluehost, HostGator, and Constant Contact are all iPage Web Hosting Review controlled by the conglomerate Endurance International Group, which also owns this company.

Users of iPage get unlimited storage space, a free domain name, and an unlimited number of email accounts, in addition to a host of other tools that make building a website quick and simple. There are several pre-made website templates and themes from which to pick. You might choose to utilize their website builders for mobile optimization.

Now let’s dive into the iPage web hosting review for 2022.

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What Differs iPage from the Competition?

What Differs iPage

iPage Website Builder

The main objective of iPage is to offer you the web hosting you require to launch your website on the internet. However, you may quickly create a website with the iPage Website Builder if you don’t already have one.

The free version of the iPage Website Builder is included when you purchase an iPage web hosting plan. You may create up to six website pages with this edition. You may gain more features by upgrading to the Professional or Business editions. Features consist of:

Web Builder from ipage
  •   A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  •   The best themes to get you started.
  •   Modular design for simplicity of usage.
  •   Support with HD video.
  •   Analytics.
  •   E-commerce functionality.
  •   Full checkout processing.

Free Marketing Tools

iPage contains resources that can help with the launch of your website. Customers of iPage may also take advantage of various other benefits and services, which the company claims are worth $500. These have the following characteristics.

  •   Google AdWords for $100.
  •   Bing/Yahoo! ads for $25.
  •   $30 for Facebook ads.
  •   Free advertising on Yellow Pages.
  •   Free marketing and search engine credits.
  •   Domain Privacy.

Unlimited email accounts

Your iPage hosting account comes with an unlimited number of personalized email addresses. It implies that you may give your website’s domain name as many email addresses as you need. For teams and small enterprises, this is helpful.

All of iPage’s servers are situated in Boston and Waltham, two American cities. If you pick iPage to host your website, you can rest assured that these two data centers are hosting more than a million other websites.

You can utilize as much storage and data as necessary for your website or online company with no space or bandwidth restrictions on any of iPage’s hosting services.

iPage Hosting Types

iPage offers a variety of options to fulfill your hosting requirements. The plan you select will rely on your company’s particular needs and demands. This iPage web hosting review section tells you about different types of iPage hosting.

iPage WordPress Hosting Review

IPage WordPress Hosting Review

With an iPage WordPress hosting plan, you receive both the hosting service and the WordPress control panel with pre-installed themes and plugins. So you can create a fantastic WordPress site with ease.

WP Starter hosting plan

The iPage WP Starter plan is ideal for a small business, blog, or personal website. If you subscribe for one, two, or three years, the monthly fee is $3.75.

Included with the WP Starter plan, you will get:

  •   Hosting one website.
  •   Free SSL certificate.
  •   One year of free domain registration.
  •   Unlimited storage.
  •   Unlimited bandwidth.
  •   WordPress themes and plugins pre-installed.
  •   24/7 specialized WordPress support.

WP Essential hosting plan

The iPage WP Essential plan is better suited to users who want to expand on an existing online presence. If you subscribe for one, two, or three years, the monthly fee is $6.95.

With the WP Essential plan, you will get:

  •   Hosting for unlimited websites.
  •   Free SSL certificate.
  •   One year of free domain registration.
  •   Unlimited storage.
  •   Unlimited bandwidth.
  •   WordPress themes and plugins pre-installed.
  •   24/7 specialized WordPress support.
  •   Automatic malware removal.
  •   SiteLock professional security.

Web Hosting

IPAGE Web Hosting

Regardless of your experience level, IPage hosting plan offers you the resources you need to launch your website quickly and within your pricing range.


Buy the tools you need to launch your website online. Perfect for a blog, personal website, or small company, starting at $1.99/month.

  •   Unlimited websites.
  •    Unlimited storage storage.
  •   FREE SSL certificate.
  •   FREE domain for a year domain for a year
  •   FREE standard email address
  •   FREE website builder
  •   24/7 support

VPS Hosting Review

This iPage web hosting review section will tell you about their VPS hosting. There are three different plans available. And you receive all the benefits of the Essential plan and many more. You may have the devoted server you desire without paying the additional prices.

You might wish to get a VPS hosting package immediately if you anticipate a lot of traffic. Although iPage advertises its shared plans as having unlimited bandwidth, there have been times when it “highly advised” its consumers to switch from a shared plan to a VPS plan.

Featured Included with iPage Hosting Plan

Featured Included with iPage Hosting Plan

Numerous features of iPage web hosting set it different from other hosting companies. Here is a list

  • iPage control panel

iPage used to provide cPanel as a control panel option but has now changed to vDeck. You will discover that vDeck features a user interface that is simple, straightforward, and easy to use even for total beginners.

Your user interface is simple and well-structured, so you can quickly discover the features you want and maintain your website effectively without repeatedly going through multiple dropdown menus.

  • Easy WordPress installation

It’s straightforward to install WordPress on your iPage website. Obtain the most recent application edition from WordPress.org, then follow the specific recommendations. Alternatively, choose one of iPage’s WordPress plans to have WordPress already installed for an even simpler installation option.

  • E-commerce website builder Ecwid

With the help of the Ecwid ecommerce builder, iPage enables you to launch an e-commerce website. You may design an e-commerce website from the start using Ecwid’s simple builder, which offers a variety of choices for product listings, payment methods, and more. Additionally, mobile-optimized, Ecwid sites make it simple for customers to purchase your goods from desktop and mobile devices.

  • Unlimited Emails

Thanks to its testing features, you may test this feature thoroughly before delivering it. Additionally included is spam management: There is no longer a need to eliminate lots of spam daily. However, the maximum storage for each mailbox is 500MB or 10,000 emails.

  • Unlimited Disk Space

Plans come with unlimited storage space as long as you use them for the “regular functioning of your iPage website,” as defined by iPage. (However, iPage compelled some customers with thousands of files to combine their files.)

  • Unlimited domains
Unlimited domains from ipage

However, users should know that setting up their first few websites is simple using iPage. After that, the task gets harder and harder. As a result, a reseller host package or something similar is ideal if you require more than a few sites.

An SSL certificate, automated email forwarding from your domain to another address, secure domain lock, and automatic domain name renewal are all included with an iPage domain name to avoid somebody from taking it from you if it expires.

  • SSL Certificate

In our opinion, this is a need for every kind of website, not just to safeguard and protect important visitor information and guard against phishing, but also because it affects Google rankings.

SSL Certificate
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Small company owners need to drive traffic to their websites. However, having a website doesn’t guarantee anyone will find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial because of this.

Getting your website on the first page of search engine results when people type in keywords related to your website is the essence of SEO.

  • Optional SEO Packages

Customers of iPage can choose from optional SEO solutions to assist with this. With this plan, you may contact a devoted group of iPage SEO specialists that will:

  • Create content for your website that is suited for search engines.
  • Edit and maintain your links as necessary.
  • Monitor the progress of your website’s performance.
  • Make plans to improve the SEO performance of your website.
  • Measuring SEO Success

However, the monthly prices for iPage’s SEO service are higher than average (particularly for small companies on a tight marketing/web development budget).

However, increasing website traffic may boost your company’s revenue, more than making up for the expense of hiring an SEO expert.

Talk to your iPage specialist about how you will analyze SEO success and ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

How are iPage’s Uptime and Performance?

When choosing a hosting platform, speed and uptime are two significant criteria. The length of time your website is online is known as uptime. No website ever achieves 100% due to the requirement for ongoing site maintenance. You want to go as near to that 100% as you can.

An essential factor is website speed. To begin with, Google prioritizes websites that load quickly in its SEO rankings. Additionally, visitors may be stopped from using your website if it loads slowly.

iPage uptime

iPage typically experiences a monthly uptime of 99.96%. It is a good indicator that there won’t be any downtime for your website. Since it is an average, the actual time may vary; lower uptimes of about 99.90 percent have been observed. However, even that number does not cause concern.

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iPage site speed

For a website to be considered quick loading, it must load in under 3 seconds. And iPage performs well in this aspect, taking an average of 1.49 seconds to load a 4.3MB webpage.

How does iPage Maintain Your Website’s Security?

Security is your company’s top priority when selecting a hosting service. Some of the security features that iPage provides are listed below.

  •   24/7 monitoring to quickly identify and address issues.
  •   Backups and restores every night.
  •   Access to error logs on websites.
  •   Backup power supplies.
  •   Cutting-edge encryption.
  •   Firewall.
  •   Human monitoring of threats.

Multiple Redundancies

If the first system crashes for whatever reason, the second machine automatically switches over, which is identical to the first. In case the drive in the primary units fails, the units are also backed up to additional sets of units that have a mirror copy of your data.

SiteLock Security

SiteLock is an additional layer of protection. You may turn on malware scanning with this method to shield your site visitors from viruses and other issues. Verify your website’s domain so visitors may be sure it is accurate and not just another phishing scam.

·   Display a security flag, so visitors know your site is continually being reviewed.

·   Utilize the pooled structure for faster performance than competitors.

iPage Pricing

iPage only offers one shared pricing option. However, the cost varies according to how long you’re willing to commit.

You may get their most excellent deal by committing to a 36-month contract, saving 75%, for just $1.99 per month (normally $7.99). A three-year starter plan will cost $71.64 in total.

It works for $2.49 a month if you only want to join up for 24 months and $2.99 for 12 months.

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How is iPage’s Help and Support?

This iPage web hosting review section will describe their help and support in detail. You may connect with iPage directly if you ever have a question regarding the company or a problem with your hosting service. The hosting platform provides:

How is iPage's Help and Support?
  •   A phone number. (8774724399)
  •   An instant messaging service.
  •   A database of articles and tutorials.
  •   Other services.

You may call iPage at any moment to talk about its services, any issues you are having with the service, or general questions. The iPage helpline is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may thus call an iPage team member if you have a problem with your Webhosting, domain name, or other general online requirements.

  •   Live chat

The iPage live chat help is available 24/7 as an alternative to the phone support line. Any queries about hosting, domains, websites, and other topics may be instantly resolved. Open the chat box, type your question, and a staff member will respond to you shortly.

  •   Knowledgebase

You’ll be happy to hear that iPage also includes a comprehensive knowledge base with a wide variety of information, including written instructions and tutorials on all kinds of iPage-related topics, such as hosting, security, and features.

What Are the Pros and Cons of iPage?


  •   Host multiple websites on a single account.
  •   Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases.
  •   Unlimited domains.
  •   iPage website builder included.
  •   99.9% uptime guarantee.
  •   30-day money-back guarantee.


  •   It doesn’t offer cPanel.
  •   Following the initial term, the renewal cost is more expensive than many hosting alternatives.
  •   Following the first year, domain prices are higher than usual.
  • Unless you switch to one of the more costly plans, the functionality for building websites is limited.


iPage is a fantastic choice whether you’re starting online with a personal website, blog, or small company. It is incredibly cost-effective and provides a full range of features perfect for new websites.

The Go Plan is a terrific package to help you start online and provide your new website or company with a foundation, including an accessible name for a year and unlimited storage. You can even develop a website and host it with only one service because it includes a free website builder. We hope you like our iPage web hosting review.

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What is iPage’s essential hosting plan?

You receive all you want for hosting, and website needs with iPage’s Go Plan, including dependable hosting, a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and a website builder. It’s a fantastic choice for both private websites and small enterprises.

Does iPage offer an email account with my web hosting plan?

Yes, the iPage hosting package comes with unlimited free email accounts that you may set up under your unique domain. We also provide advanced email services like Gmail and Microsoft 365.

What features come included with the iPage hosting plan?

Every iPage hosting account comes with everything you need to operate online. Along with free email, 24-hour help, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain registration, a free SSL certificate, a free website builder, free ad credits, and more, this also offers quick, dependable, and economical hosting.

Which control panel does iPage provide?

iPage provides vDeck, a customized version of cPanel. This control panel is incredibly adaptable, simple to use, and similar to cPanel in many ways.

Does iPage have a refund policy?

In the first month after joining up, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund through iPage’s 30-day risk-free trial period. You can only receive a refund for the amount of months you didn’t use if you cancel after the trial period.