Nestify Hosting Review: Understand Features, Pricing, & Comparison

Nestify hosting Review

If you’re looking for an honest Nestify hosting review, we can assist you right now. This might be a great hassle to host. You need to be concerned with uptime, performance, security, and scalability. Not to mention that you need some technical know-how to ensure everything is configured properly.

Nestify is here to provide agency hosting, managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and helpful technical support staff. Additionally, they offer free WordPress migration services so that you can easily transfer hosts. All of their packages also come with a money-back guarantee. In this Nestify Review, we go through details about features and pricing.

Nestify Review Features, Pricing, & comparison

Nestify Hosting Review 2024: Features

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Instead of only providing a share of the server for hosting websites, Nestify offers a wide range of services. No other company delivers the functionality that Nestify does at such cheap costs; even shared hosting is more expensive.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, Nestify also provides a great and unique tool called “On Page Optimization,” which enables you to modify the Adsense/Google Analytics, CSS, and Java scripts for improved speed. Along with offering access through SSH and WP-CLI, Nestify is also Git-compatible.

Nestify hosting Features

Optimized and Efficient Nestify Servers

People looking for a web host for their top-priority website can get in touch with Nestify since this web host offers servers optimized for significant performance. The experts at Nestify are very skilled and put a lot of effort into ensuring stability and fast speeds.

All of their server hosting resources are comfortable handling unlimited traffic with the highest efficiency. They offer dedicated CPU, SSD storage, and sufficient RAM to ensure optimized and efficient website performance.

Optimized web server

Because Nestify is a hosting service for businesses, its servers are highly optimized. The Nestify team designed its infrastructure and put its resources in a way that ensures optimal speed and stability.

We had fast load speeds when testing our new WordPress website, which Nestify hosts. Both the Pingdom website speed test and the Sucuri loading speed test tools reported faster response time from the server. You require Nestify if you intend to use your website for business enterprises.

SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are enabled by default for all websites hosted with Nestify. Nestify also assists in fixing mixed content issues brought on by specific WordPress themes.

This will ensure a level of security for your website and help to improve the ranking of your business.

The network of distribution and storage of content

The hosting plans offered by Nestify make use of CDNs and cache to guarantee that your content uploads as quickly as possible. You have various implementation options when using caching for quicker load times.

Your website can be appropriately cached by defining URLs that shouldn’t ever be cached, enabling full-page caching, and choosing an optimization level.

Nestify hosting data centers

You can pick a place close to your target market in North America, Central Europe, and Asia. While all website traffic is directed through the 86 Cloudflare CDN data centers that Railgun has configured, your content is typically sent from a location close to your visitors.

Complete Site Management

Nestify stands out from the crowd as a managed web hosting provider. Nestify’s team is always available to help clients optimize and monitor their websites for the best results. The specialized team handling all website issues ensures the fastest response times and uptime.

They ensure regular monitoring of the server, its resources, and the website available on its server.

Because Nestify offers a scalable solution, its staff can easily manage an unexpected increase in server demand if the content becomes well-liked and trendy.

Backup Facility

You won’t have to worry about website content backup with Nestify. The Nestify staff regularly assures the automated backup. However, you may also manage and see the backup plan using the available user interface. Although most backups are scheduled automatically based on your daily or weekly preference.

You may quickly restore your content with a single click in a zip file. These backups are stored at an offshore location using Microsoft Azure’s “Geographical Redundancy Storage” for 30 days. It will enable you to restore your website to a prior state with any previously stored content.

Nestify Hosting Review 2024: Check Pricing

Nestify hosting plan and pricing

Among its several offerings, Nestify’s price is its standout feature. Due to this, it stands out from the competitors.

No one can believe that the company’s pricing is so affordable for everyone. All of their plan offers unlimited visitors, unlimited website hosts, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.

The price is only based on the resources of the server.

WP basic- With the plan, you will get 25GB of SSD storage space, 1 dedicated CPU, 1 GB RAM, and free site migrations. This plan costs $ 12 a month.

WP Pro- With the plan, you will get 40GB of storage space, 2 dedicated CPUs, 4 GB RAM, and free site migrations. This plan costs $19 a month.

WP Pro Plus – This plan is ideal for businesses, agencies, or e-commerce site owners who wish to run a WordPress site with steady traffic more quickly. You will get 40 GB of storage. This plan will cost $35 per month.

Larger Plans – The final price with unlimited visitors, 120GB of SSD storage space, 8+ dedicated CPUs, and free site migrations. This plan will cost $99 a month.

But if you want to go higher and want more resources, you must look at other plans that can cater needs of every business.

nestify larger plans

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to businesses. No matter which web hosting plan you choose.

Nestify Support

The technical support team at Nestify has full access to WP professionals who are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Even if your website has issues, the professionals will resolve them immediately.

They assist you by email and are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can select one of these to address your issues.

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Free Site Migration Facility

Consider switching to a host that can address your outage difficulties if you are experiencing troubles with your current web hosts, such as poor upload times or outages. As they can assist you with migrating your site for free, we believe Nestify’s site migration service would be appealing to you at this time.

They can move almost any website without causing any downtime. You know where to go in case you get into problems while still with your present host.


There are indeed several WordPress hosts available. However, Nestify stands out due to its emphasis on uptime and performance. Their staff has spent more than ten years building the infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies, so they know what it takes to create a fast, dependable website.

Nestify is the greatest host for your WordPress website. They not only have skilled engineers continually checking their servers for problems, but they also provide free migration services to make the transfer to us simple for you. Additionally, their hosting plans provide several features ideal for companies of all sizes. We hope you find our Nestify hosting Review helpful and informative.

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Which Nestify plan is best?

The appropriate Nestify package for you will depend on how you use your site and what your resource requirements are. The basic package will be sufficient if starting with a low-traffic blog site.

How much does Nestify cost per month?

From 12 dollars per month, you can enjoy unlimited traffic with managed WordPress hosting on Nestify. You can access 1 vCPU, 2GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD storage, and unlimited WordPress sites and visitors. You can scale up if you require additional resources, but the cost will be significantly higher.

Why is it better to have hosting optimized for WordPress?

Your WordPress-based site should function better with hosting designed for WordPress. You may get managed WordPress hosting from Nestify with the best speed, and unlimited WordPress installs, thanks to the infrastructure strength of Amazon Web Services (AWS).