Latest Review of eukhost Web Hosting

Eukhost Web Hosting review 2024

This post is for you if you’re looking for eukhost Review and want to use this hosting service to optimize your website for search engines. We shall complete a detailed review of eukhost and explain all crucial features.

To better determine eukhost’s ranking for hosting services, you’ll learn about benefits, disadvantages, costs, and other information.

The hosting service eukhost has been around for more than 18 years. Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certifications for this hosting are present. Over 35,000 organizations are hosted globally by eukhost. 

Review of eukhost Web Hosting

EUKhost offers different hosting plans and types. A plan may accommodate almost every requirement and spending limit. Packages are available for shared (cPanel), WordPress, VPS, and reseller hosting. For your company, eukhost also offers dedicated cloud servers.

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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting of Eukhost

Shared hosting is referred to as hosting at eukhost. This hosting idea involves sharing servers with other clients. The primary benefit is cost, as this is each hosting provider’s most inexpensive plan.

Limited features are shared hosting’s biggest drawback. And if some of your “neighbors” take longer to load, your performance may suffer. However, in most situations, hosting companies keep note of such incidents and create unique plans for such clients.

The three cPanel hosting plans offered by eukhost are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The monthly costs are £3.99, £5.99, and £7.99. The cheapest plan comes with a 10 GB SSD and ten MySQL databases, while the largest one offers 30 GB of storage and an unlimited number of MySQL databases. The other features are pretty comparable between the two plans.

eukhost: Business Plan

Both Linux and Windows business web hosting are available from eukhost. These plans cost £18.33 and provide 100 GB of monthly bandwidth and 5 GB of SSD storage.

Furthermore, you won’t start to receive genuinely helpful features unless you subscribe to one of their specialist plans. Some of them are standard features at other providers, including virus scanning.

VPS hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a VPS. You may control the entire environment and have root access to your virtual server if you use such hosting.

The most significant benefit is that you have complete control over the environment. However, the drawback is that you have to manage everything by yourself. Nevertheless, Support is given 24/7.

First plan for VPS server is started with £15.54 euro without VAT per month. There are variety of vps hosting plans available based on the the type of hardware and processor you wnat.

You can select 2 CPU cores, 2 to 32 GB of RAM, and 30 to 300 GB of SSD storage. Unmetered bandwidth, cPanel or Plesk, a free domain, and other services are also included.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is designed with WordPress in mind. It offers the Starter, Standard, and Pro Server levels. Different storage (5 GB, 20 GB, and 50 GB), as well as several websites (5, 20, and limitless) and mailboxes, are included in these plans (25, 200, and unlimited).

A free domain and unlimited data transfer are included with each package. The monthly costs for these WordPress hosting plans are £4.39, £9.89, and £29.69.

The Starter plan is appropriate for new businesses or individuals, the Standard is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, and the Pro wordpress hosting plan is suited for large companies with several websites.

eukhost weodpress hosting plan

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Reseller Windows hosting

Reseller hosting means you resell some part of your hosting to your clients. Developers or new hosting companies frequently use this feature.

Linux and Windows reseller hosting is offered by eukhost. They each provide three differnet plans including the Basic, Premium, and Supreme plans. For Linux, the price starts at £13.19, while for Windows, it starts at £14.29. Both operating systems have nearly identical conditions. However, windows are somewhat more costly.

These reselling hosting plans are come with unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited mailboxes, unmetered data transfer, upto 100 cPanel accounts, upto 100 GB of storage space, and much more.

Cloud Hosting

eukhost cloud server

Another choice is cloud hosting, which has three tiers:

  • VMware hosting plan with scalable options for storage and RAM
  • Hyper-V hosting plan with equally scalable resources and better redundancy
  • eNight Cloud hosting is designed to avoid downtime.

The least expensive plan that Hyperslice Cloud S1 is costs you around £23.41 per month and it is best for Linux and Cluster OS. There are losts of another plans available for you to choose.

Dedicated Hosting

eukhosting Dedicated Hosting

Finally, eukhost’s dedicated servers offer greater security and speed for websites with significant traffic. Because they were designed from the ground up for companies.

These are significantly more expensive then any other hosting plan. A companie’s monthly dedicated hosting prices starting at £74.54.

They provide high-performance servers with the most significant hardware depending on your payment schedule. There is an additional optional hardware firewall that may be bought.

eukhost Features:

Although eukhost is very transparent about the features included in your plans. Let’s take a quick look at them in our eukhost review.

eukhost web hosting service


We are clear that more manageable tasks keep us engaged and enable us to utilize a product’s full potential. A similar approach is used in the control panel for eukhost. They provide you with a cPanel on your dashboard to make your hosting experience easier and more fun. Because of its simple user interface, it is among the most popular control panels in the world.

Free Migrations

This hosting will offers you free migration service for all of your website. Their experts will transform your website from another provider to eukhost platform without any cost within 24 hours.

The control panel you are utilizing, though, makes a difference. Whether Plesk- or cPanel-based, you might need to contact customer service, which is accessible 24/7 and will help you out.

Free SSL Certificates

It is important to give secure website access of your visitor. You can add SSL certifiacte on your website to encrypt your content from hackers.

Mostly, you will get an SSL certificate for free with their all web hosting plans. But if you want more security then you can buy additional SSL certificate.

Utilizing SSL certificates is important to secures the connections of your website over the internet. Without an SSL certificate, google will consider it as an insecure website and panalize it.

1-Click Application Installation

Adding more apps to your hosting can greatly simplify your hosting responsibilities. Unfortunately, the challenging process of installing applications often frustrates users.

Thankfully, eukhost has addressed this issue by making application installation incredibly easy on their hosting platform. With one-click app installation, you can now sit back and relax without any worries.

Free Backups

You are familiar with how important data security is at this point. However, there may be unfortunate occasions when the security safeguards fail to shield your data from outside threats.

In such cases, your data can be destroyed and you must start the process. However, since eukhost has already taken care of it by giving you a free backup, you need not worry about any of these circumstances when using their services. Anytime you want, you can easily retrieve it.

eukhost Speed and Uptime

The overall server response time may significantly impact client satisfaction and help you choose the best hosting company for your website.

As many international online company owners may need quick response times for their clients over the ocean or in other parts of the world, this is especially true for UK hosting companies.

More than 99.9% uptime is guaranteed with eukhost. In other words, your website won’t be accessible for fewer than 10 hours (or 8.5 hours) a year. Different plans provide varying uptimes. For instance, you will enjoy a minimum uptime SLA of 99.95% with cPanel hosting and even 100% with Business Hosting.

eukhost Security

The security risks are given top priority by eukhost. This hosting offers personal signing certificates, remote backups, pitchman website security, SSL certificates, server and network monitoring, and remote backups.

Almost all plans feature free backups, so you can be confident that your data is secure. You may have a secure connection to the website, automated malware detection and removal. Hosting may also monitor the network’s real-time condition, letting you know if anything goes wrong.

eukhost Support

eUKhost Support

For any query, you may contact the support staff at any time. 24/7/365 eUKhost assistance is available. You can get support with live chat, contact assistance, send an email, or open a support request.

Even those not registered with the website can access all these features. So, before purchasing a plan, you may inquire about its details.

eUKhost Review: Expert Opinion

It’s an excellent option for many purposes and enterprises. Its price and plans are different based on the services they provided. Every package comes with crucial components including a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and web pages.

Free migration, high uptime consistency, and decent speed are all offered by eUKhost. If something goes wrong, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee and the option to modify the plan if necessary.

Because they have servers in the UK, this provider will be especially suitable for you if most of your traffic originates from there. Additionally, support service is available 24/7/365 if you have any questions.

We have listed eukhost’s primary benefits and drawbacks in the list below. Let’s review them more quickly.

Pros & Cons – eukhost Review


  • Fast page loading speed with eukhost, a page load speed on average in 1.1 seconds.
  • The average uptime for eukhost is 99.9%, which is a great.
  •  Affordable hosting plans.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 expert support.


  • Only 2 GB of SSD storage is provided by the cPanel basic plan, which is insufficient for most websites.
  • Compared to its competitors, eukhost offers fewer services in its base plans.

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Conclusion – eukhost Review

eukhost does offer a few advantages despite its dedication to somewhat high prices. Although the shared hosting package theoretically allows for unlimited website expansion, the 2 GB storage bank limits this.

Unless you spend even more money, many options also lack security. In the end, their entry-level shared hosting plan highlights the issue: eukhost does offer positive aspects, but you must purchase any of their plans six months in advance and pay extra for services that are standard in other providers’ plans.

In summary, eukhost may be excellent but isn’t, and compared to other providers, it won’t be worth the price for most customers. We hope you like our eukhost Review 2024.

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FAQs – eukhost Review

Is eukhost good for Beginners?

Yes, there are many useful features for beginners and the costs are reasonable. Additionally, it includes a simple dashboard layout that is helpful for beginners.

What operating system does cPanel hosting use?

On a server running Linux, cPanel hosting is available. Unfortunately, cPanel was created only for usage on Linux servers and is incompatible with Windows-based systems.

Does eukhost provide free SSL Certificates?

Yes, there are a few hosting services available with that they provide free SSL including shared, WordPress, window, Linux, business, etc. They provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates that you may install on any of your websites. Websites must have SSL certificates as an essential requirement.

Does eukhost come with a Free Domain?

You may acquire a free domain name for any shared hosting plans if you join up for one or two years. You may also buy an unlimited number of domain names with every plan.

Does eukhost provide website backups?

Yes, you will have peace of mind with eukhost’s cPanel hosting services since you know your data is completely protected. They offer a free website backup service with their Linux shared hosting plans.