ScalaHosting Review 2023: Features, Pricing & Details

Scala Hosting Features and pricing

Scala Hosting focuses on building the Best VPS hosting as a useful resource that anybody could use in fantastic ways. It is a valuable resource for businesses, developers, students, and large-scale groups who have provided worthy ScalaHosting reviews.

The ScalaHosting platform was built on VPS with the addition of aspects like super-security, affordability, and well as high-performance. The objective of this was to reach out to all website owners and provide a cloud VPS that contains a control dashboard, backup with snapshots, as well as 24/7 customer management. Each of these features offers them a high rate of client satisfaction.

ScalaHosting has its data centers and servers set up in the US as well as Bulgaria. The US center is woking 24X7, type II inspected, and secure. However, Bulgaria Center is ISO licensed in data security quality and protection.

What Is ScalaHosting?

scalahosting best vps provider

Scala is the top-rated web hosting firm in the marketplace. It was started in 2007 with the mission of making cloud services available. Today, it is home to over 50,000 clients and 700,000+ websites.

The vendor appeals to its accomplishment by listening to the customers. Consequently, it has a 99% gratification rate for well-done work. A few regions, for example, its uptime warranty, are doubtful. But rest guaranteed that it gets to the bottommost of any problems fast. 

Scala’s hosting service is smart also. It offers a comprehensive variety of pre-configured features for personal and business requirements. You could also construct a server from scratch by using its supple calculator. You have to select your resources, pay, as well as start operational on your projects.  

Apart from that, the business is on a forceful drive toward developing internal solutions. This is an attempt to cut costs plus offer more worth to clients. It now reveals the growth of world-class products for example SShied and S-Panel. 

You can find reviews for all the best reviewers that include Trustpilot and Hostadvice for Scala hosting VPS hosting provider.

Scala Hosting Infrastructure/Network

ScalaHosting uses a multi-cloud policy to offer service. It consists of three data centers which are in New York, Dallas, and Sofia metros.

A complete of thirteen double fiber cables provide top bandwidth toward these areas. Smart routing is also in place to decrease service disruptions. It spontaneously retransmits traffic to the accessible nodes when one connection breaks.

Scala moreover trusts the substructure of an additional top-rated hosting provider. It includes DigitalOcean plus Amazon Web Service. Together, they provide this host with an additional thirteen data centers worldwide. This confirms that customers have flexibility in choosing their areas of choice.

Scala Hosting Features and Analysis

Here is a thorough study of all the features you would take into account to compare and choose if this hosting is a server or otherwise cloud hosting service you were seeking.

  • Ease of use: They offer SPanel to control or customize all of its features from one panel. SPanel’s user interface is quite simple to use for any individual. The server is managed by them to ensure security and updates.
    You could notice variances among the managed plus unmanaged services for the management and maintenance of every server.
  • Domain Names: Easily connect your domain name with scala VPS hosting. If you do not have a domain name, you should check the availability of your dream domain name first and register it if it is not taken by anyone.
    At Scala Hosting, you can migrate your domain name that is already listed to another provider. Also, ScalaHosting offers a free domain name for the first year with its VPS and shared hosting.
  • Webmail: In this feature, you would also discover numerous potentials and solutions for the diverse requirements that might arise. All of Scala’s hosting services have their specific webmail so you can create your official email account.
    The storage, account limit, and feature depend on the plan you are choosing.
  • Applications: Scala Hosting’s support permits you to host content developed by a diversity of applications for example WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Magneto, Joomla, Moodle otherwise WooCommerce.
  • Storage: The web services of Scala Hosting permit you to upload a limited quantity of databases as per your plan. Their mini-plan is offering 50 GB of NVMe SSD storage to save your files and backup. Also, you have an unlimited bandwidth with all of its plans.
  • Transfer: To transfer a domain at ScalaHosting, you must manage this on its cPanel (or S-Panel) before gaining the EPP code wherever it is hosted.
    The deferral is usually no more than 5 days plus is typical because of the rules carried out by the body wherever this is registered.
  • Security: Site security is a primacy when selecting a hosting provider, as well as Scala Hosting takes security very seriously, using its S-Shield cyber security software to caution user data plus defend against attacks.

    ScalaHosting assures that S-Shield would block 99.9 % of the attack online. S-Shield observes all websites on the server in actuality and uses machine learning to recognize and block possible threats toward your website. This security set observes websites 24/7 to confirm your figures are protected round the clock.
sshield security guard in scala hosting
  • Developer Tools: Scala Hosting provides a comprehensible solution for developers. The 1st item on the list is SSH for root access. Typically, you could install customized scripts on your scheme. It comes in convenient for optimizing the performance of your application.

    The cron work is an additional utility for programming jobs to run on autopilot. It is useful for planning backups, software upgrades, renewing SSLs, as well as more. You could moreover use this to run a command for observing your websites. 

    WordPress consumers get performance for duplicating their sites also. It aids in testing novel features beforehand pushing them toward the production website.
  • Ecommerce Tools: Clients can develop e-commerce websites on Woo-Commerce and Magento. Both platforms have lots of free templates for making stunning websites. From integration to shipping cart, you can create anything.

    You can incorporate Constant Contact for e-mail advertising. On the disadvantage, you need to pay additional to add on this service. To evade that, you could use Scala Hosting webmail service. This lets you send infinite emails to promote your products.  
  • White Label Hosting: White label hosting is another alternative that could catch anybody’s attention. While it’s not for everybody, it does come in convenient. 

Here is how:  You could take benefit of it to re-sell Scalahosting’s services. That moreover has the liberty to modify plans plus set the costs. Also, you could rebrand the tools by your business name in addition to the logo. 

Now let us crossover to somewhat more practical.

Why Choosing ScalaHosting A Good Idea?

You can’t ignore Scalahosting best-managed VPS hosting provider that provides you impressive features with nearby 100% uptime, regular backups, and much more.

If you want faster, more secure VPS with easy management and great 24/7 support, ScalaHosting is the provider for you!

  • Impressive Uptime: An impressive feature of the ScalaHosting service is that it usages an extremely redundant cloud network that permits it to offer near-100 % uptime. The VPS resources are dragged from a resource pool, thus if there is a hardware letdown in the network, your website will not be affected.

    There is always a small risk that you may go offline for a short period of time, however, Scala makes every effort to ensure that this does not happen.
  • Remote Regular Backups: Your website’s backups are extremely important while you do not just retain a static website. When you frequently change your website, many times an issue can occur so you can resolve that issue by restoring the previous version.

    ScalaHosting offers a remote regular backup solution for the previous 30 days to ensure the safety of your data. Many hosting companies probably charge an extra amount for automated backup, but Scalahosting offers it for free. If you want extra space then you need to pay.
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation and Infinite Email Accounts: WordPress is a popular CMS tool for creating your website. ScalaHosting has made it simple to install WordPress to your website with merely one click.

    They offer more features like automatic staging, cloning, updates, and added tools that make it easier.

    Along with 1-click WordPress Installation, ScalaHosting offers a free infinite email account with each of the shared hosting strategies. Even though it is not a rare sight in the hosting business any longer, it still beats Bluehost for instance, who merely offers five e-mail accounts with their economic plan.
1-Click WordPress Installation in scala hosting
  • Free SSL as well as CDN: Contemporary websites cannot correctly function without security decorum as even Google informs their users if they are about to arrive at a website without an SSL certificate.

    Scala Hosting has made this easy for you by providing a free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt SSL. You can choose additional SSL certificates through checkout, however, it is available in every plan.

    To additionally improve visitors’ experience, they provide a free Cloud Flare CDN with each plan. This means that your website’s information is cached for recurring visitors permitting a faster and smoother reply from your website.
  • Outstanding web hosting service: ScalaHosting offers managed VPS services which is the strong point of the business. They offer flexibility with their service so that you can improve your resources as the website grows. You only need to pay what you choose.

    The web hosts are generally good, however, Scala Hosting does not have some of the very simple website builders out of the larger competing services. However, Editors’ Choices like Dream Host and 1&1 IonOS offer flexibility as well as value for money across a variety of clusters. They are a great starting point for web hosting, especially VPS hosting.
  • Responsive client service: Scala web Hosting offers strong client support. Even before you sign up for Scala services, you could tap your business’s knowledge base and live web chat to obtain answers. Live web chat offers a fast response that reaches in just minutes.

    You can get support for VPS hosting from Scalahosting by just raising a ticket. Their support team will reply to you faster on your support query.

    ScalaHosting has a 30-day cash-back warranty as well as a complete refund. This is common in the web hosting business, but smaller than Dream Host’s inspiring 97-day cash-back warranty.
  • Free Website Migrations: Those with current websites who want to move to a novel host would love Scala’s infinite free site migration.

    This means that the Scala team would manually transmit all current sites from your preceding host to their server. To start the procedure, just provide login particulars for the old host.

    Several web hosts merely offer either free migration or paid site migration, and these could range from a few dollars for each website to hundreds of dollars.

    Not Scala Hosting! Their experts will migrate as many websites as you request, free of charge. There would be no downtime, plus they will also confirm they work appropriately on the new server.

How much does Scala Hosting cost?

Check out the plan and pricing on ScalaHosting provides the best Managed VPS prices globally!

ScalaHosting provides managed cloud-VPS-hosting from US$9.95 per month, self-managed cloud VPS solution from $10 per month, and influential shared hosting plus WordPress hosting from $3.95 per month. Renewal costs are somewhat higher than the advertised ones, however, the difference is trivial.

The main variance among the self-managed plus managed cloud-VPS tactics is the control you have above your server. With the managed alternative, the technical features of your server would be looked after through the Scala group. Instead, a self-managed server provides a fresh operating system installation that you can configure as required. Both alternatives use cloud-based hosting as well as SSD storage.

Why We Use Scala Hosting SPanel?

SPanel is a complete hosting platform for managing cloud VPS services. It contains everything a website owner needs to grow their business in a secure environment.

SPanel is a quick and easy replacement for cPanel that not only saves you cPanel licensing costs but also gives it many added benefits. It is lightweight, faster, and has no software restrictions.

In SPanel, it is not just a control panel. This is an all-in-one web solution.

scala hosting spanel

Better security – Scalahosting’s VPS server already offers better security to all of its clients. They offer complete server management including SSL, website, firewall, and backup.

Faster Websites – your websites will load always fast. Other clients on the same server will not face slow down your website ever again

100% Email Delivery – your emails will never get blacklisted as you will have a dedicated mail IP that no one else may use.


If you are seeking managed virtual private server-hosting, ScalaHosting might be the service for you, because of its well-priced, VPS plans, flexibility, and rock-solid uptime. That said, its site-building tools might be stress-free to use.

Generally, ScalaHosting is a very simple and rather reasonable managed VPS choice. This Scala Hosting review went as efficiently as one might expect, with no technical problems whatsoever. And that is not frequently the case, even with shared hosting which is invented to be the easy one. So big applause for Scala in this respect.

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  • What is Scala Hosting?
  • Scala Hosting is a privately possessed web hosting provider that emphasizes its services on managed VPS hosting. It pursues to make VPS obtainable even to those individuals who do not have technical experience.

  • Is Scala Hosting trustworthy?
  • Yes, Scala Hosting is unfailing. As a firm, it has been functioning for more than 10 plus getting very worthy user reviews. It is also trustworthy with 100%. Up-time. Moreover, all interfaces function perfectly.

  • Do I get a cPanel with Scala Hosting?
  • You do not get a cPanel with Scala Hosting as it usages its own developed S-Panel. Though, if you would like to use a cPanel, it could be bought throughout the checkout.

  • Does Scala web Hosting handle migration?
  • Transferring non-Scala websites to Scala is easy plus free. It would be performed by the supplier’s migration professionals.

  • Does it offer a full repayment if you do not like the service?
  • Yes. Scala has a 30-day cash-back guarantee, no queries asked. There are furthermore numerous ScalaHosting promo codes to use thus you could rake into more savings.