How To Install Plesk Control Panel On Ubuntu 20.04?

How To Install Plesk Control Panel On Ubuntu

Plesk is a web hosting control panel, It is designed to manage the website , mailbox and ftp user, database and web application etc. Plesk easily convert Linux system in a fully-featured web hosting machine, it does not require any special knowledge to use it. Plesk provide GUI as the frontend and work on the command line as backend. Learn how to Install Plesk Control Panel on Ubuntu 20.04 with quick guide.


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Minimum amount of RAM required for installing and running Plesk on Linux is 512 MB with 1GB swap and minimum amount of free disk required  is 10 GB on Linux operating system.

Operating systemSNI supportIPv6 support
Debian 9 64-bit **YesYes
Debian 10 64-bit **YesYes
Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit **YesYes
Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit **YesYes
Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit **YesYes
CentOS 7.x 64-bitYesYes
CentOS 8.x 64-bit ***YesYes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x 64-bit *YesYes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x 64-bit *YesYes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x 64-bit *YesYes
CloudLinux 7.1 and later 64-bitYesYes
Virtuozzo Linux 7 64-bitYesYes

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Step for Install Plesk Control Panel On Ubuntu

We will see the process step by step below and learn the setup of plesk control panel that makes easy your web hosting.

Update Packages

Step 1:- Update the system packages before starting installation of plesk:

apt-get update

Allow the ports in Firewall

Step 2:- Allow Plesk admin port If firewall is ON then we have to allow the Plesk port otherwise ignore this steps.

ufw allow 8880/tcp
ufw allow 8443/tcp

Installing the require package

Step 3:- Install wget package as it will needed to download the Plesk installer.

apt install wget

Downloading the Package

Step 4:- Now we need to download the Plesk installer by issuing following command it will be downloaded in your current directory.


Start the Plesk Installation

Step 5:- Now change the permission of the downloaded plesk installer and make it executable.

chmod 755 plesk-installer

Start the Installation Process

Step 6:- Now we need to start the Plesk installation by issuing below command.


As soon as you runs the above command it will show the following output on terminal.

  • The Following output is saying to accept the term and conditions and license agreement. Than as explained below available actions
    Type F to continue:
Install Plesk Control Panel on Ubuntu
  • Again it will ask you for confirmation as below that says informing feedback permission to send to plesk for future betterments.
    Just simply type Y to continue
  • Now select the desire option according to your requirement between 1-3 then Hit [ENTER],  Then Type F to continue
How to install plesk on ubuntu 20.04 | Product type installation |
  • Now you will see the output as below that will show the information that how many packages is going to be installed or will be updated.
    Type F to continue, Now wait to complete the installation.
how to Install Plesk Control Panel on Ubuntu

Login to Plesk

Step 7:- To open the Plesk Panel , Open a browser and type the following in the URL section. If you have SSL secure certificate then login with 8443 Port otherwise use the 8880 Port.

For without SSL (Unsecure port)


For SSL (Secure Port)

  • Use Server’s username and password to login in the Plesk.
plesk server for Install Plesk Control Panel on Ubuntu
How to install plesk on ubuntu | plesk login page
  • Now fill the personal information and Generate a new password (Next time you login to Plesk, use the ‘admin’ username and the password you generated above).
contech information for Install Plesk
How to install plesk on ubuntu | license page

Note:- We can login in the Plesk with both the details of Server and Plesk. To secure the Server we does not provide server details like username and password to everyone. It can be risky that why Plesk create a new user and password.

Conclusion for Install Plesk Control Panel

In the Linux operating system, Plesk Panel is a very useful option for web hosting management. Plesk is a user-friendly panel and easy to install. Everyone can easily use it. It does not require any special kind of knowledge.

If you guys have any queries related to the Install Plesk Control Panel on Ubuntu, let me know in the comments.